The government has brought an amendment in the Child Labour Act to prohibit child labour in all occupations, Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya has said.
Female relatives, and in some cases the husband, of a pregnant woman can now be present to provide emotional support to her during child birth at public health facilities.
Twitter recently launched #Positionofstrength campaign to empower women to raise voices against any form of discrimination.
For decades, India has relied on female sterilization as its primary mode of contraception.
A couple of villages in Mehsana and Banaskantha districts in Gujarat have imposed the ban in recent weeks, with more villages joining the campaign.
Furious over his greed and demands for dowry, a 24-year-old woman called off her marriage to a government school teacher.
Kunwar Bai had sold-off her 8-10 goats to build two toilets at her home.
Obesity is a major breast cancer risk factor in postmenopausal women, and scientists believe increased inflammation is an important underlying cause in this population.
A national survey to determine the overall health of the country has revealed startling problems - among them, severe malnutrition among children younger than five years.
A village in Gujarat has banned single women from using mobile phones, with elders deeming the technology a "nuisance to society".


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