1 In Every 2 Children Is Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Shows Survey

One in four families do not come forward to report child abuse.

New Delhi: A survey participated in by more than 45,000 children in the 12- 18 age group, across 26 states in the country, revealed that one in every two children is a victim of child sexual abuse.

The survey conducted by humanitarian aid organisation World Vision India with a sample of 45,844 respondents also revealed that one in every five do not feel safe because of the fear of being sexually abused.

It also said that one in four families do not come forward to report child abuse.

“Despite one in every two children being a victim of child sexual abuse, there continues to be a huge silence. The magnitude of sexual violence against children is unknown,” World Vision India National Director Cherian Thomas said here while launching a campaign to end child sexual abuse and exploitation by 2021.

The “It Takes the World to End Violence against Children” campaign targets 10 million children across 25 states and one union territory.

“The campaign works through our area programmes that deal with different issues of health care typically — malnutrition and early illness, education, child rights and protection and the improvement of resilience in communities,” Thomas told IANS.

“The area programmes are based in 186 districts that we operate in,” he added.

Thomas said that the campaign will draw people from all walks of life to ensure a safe environment for children.

Children are given training in different aspects, where they are taught about the good touch and the bad touch and various other relevant aspects, he said.

“With 98 per cent of rapes being committed by people known to the children, I feel it is time that we all come under one banner and umbrella to focus our work around child protection,” he said.

“We are going to work along with other civil society organisations, and child rights organisations. People are sensitized over the issue if economic resilience as most of these abuse cases are a result of inadequate economic resilience in communities,” he explained.

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  1. make you data public and how you analyzed and also may be you should mention how many hindus were converted to christianity during this study, by giving them false hope and lies.

  2. Please check the source before publishing such reports. World Vision has worse credibility than Wikipedia and you, being a responsible channel, publish a report by a “Survey” done by an organization with such a dubious record? As a faithful follower of your channel, I am disappointed.

  3. Beware of such such surveys by an evangelical organization like world vision whose mission is to christianize india in the name of charity by cooking up atrocity literature.

  4. World Vision’s integrity and honesty of purpose is suspect in the eyes of many in India. It is said to raise a lot of money in the name of Indian society and spend it for dubious purposes.

  5. I do not believe it can ever be 1 in 2 children.

    are you saying 50% of children in India are sexually abused? That is a wrong statistic.

    Never believe these random polls or surveys…. Maybe they only survey the wrong people ?

  6. Its totally false data.. Initiate action on publishing false reports…pls remove the post

  7. Why are we taking notes from world vision? It is known for spreading Christianity openly in the name of charity. What else do you expect from them about India.
    We need to be very careful about these organizations.

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