In Parched Maharashtra, 11-Year-Old Dies Getting Water From Near-Dry Well

In Parched Maharashtra, 11-Year-Old Dies Getting Water From Near-Dry Well
The boy died just half-a-kilometre from his home in Marathwada which has been devastated by drought for three years in a row.
  • The boy slipped into a well while fetching water
  • Second child death in Beed, in drought-hit Marathwada
  • A 12-year-old girl died of heart attack after making 5 trips to get water

BEED, MAHARASHTRA: In Maharashtra’s drought-hit Beed, 11-year-old Sachin Kengar went this morning to get water from the well near his village.

In the parched district, it is one of the many deep wells in which water has mostly dried up and pooled at the bottom.

While trying to get to the water 30 feet down, Sachin slipped and fell.

In disturbing visuals, his limp body was pulled out by villagers who tried to revive him but couldn’t.

“We went to the spot and saw the boy’s cycle and vessels were still there. It appears he died of drowning after he fell into the well,” police constable Dinakar Puri said.

Sachin’s village is one of the many facing acute water shortage. Tankers supply water and often release it in wells.

This is the second child death this week in Beed, one of the seven districts in Marathwada devastated by drought for three years in a row.

On Sunday, 12-year-old Yogita Desai died of a heart attack and dehydration after making five trips to a water pump near her home.

She had been unwell for days with dysentery but was forced to go out in 42 degrees heat to get water from an almost dry pump.

The water shortage in the Marathwada region has meant that every member of the family, even children, are forced to make multiple trips to the nearest water source in the blazing heat.

Across India, a heat wave has killed over 110 people so far. 45 people have died in Odisha; another 35 in Telangana in the last three weeks.


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    Further some 20 to 25 years backNational Geography has shown a serial where a person in desert extracts water from deep sand pits by digging some 15 to 20 feet.. He was telling that there is water inside which needs to be tapped.

  2. Unfortunately this is the future of India…the way we are cutting trees, draught, food shortages, health issue is all coming our way. But still we will say we are the best. Waiting for your unlikes guys but fact will not change. Unless we start planning trees in every open land, things will not change.

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