Never Thought I Could Give My Kids A Pucca House: Delhi Slum Dweller

The new flats are built at Sector 16B of Dwarka in West Delhi.

New Delhi: It was a dream come true for 350 slum dwellers in Delhi as the state government allotted them flats on Monday.

The slum dwellers, who had been living in the slums of Nehru Camp east Delhi’s Patparganj areas for decades, had an emotional meltdown when Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia gave them allotment letters for the one-bed room flats.

The new flats are built at Sector 16B of Dwarka in West Delhi and have been constructed by the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board.

A sobbing Mohammad Yasin, who had been living in Nehru Camp since 1997, said, “My jhuggi was bulldozed thrice by the authorities. I was compelled to live on the highway with my small kids. My household goods were stolen. I can’t forget those days.”

Another slum dweller added, “I never thought I will ever be able to give a pucca house to my children.”

For the slum dwellers, it was an emotional moment to receive allotment letters for their new flats.

Mr Sisodia said this was the sixth slum where residents have been rehabilitated peacefully and said that children of the slum dwellers who had been studying in east Delhi would be admitted to schools in the new place.

He further said that the Delhi government would not allow slum dwellers to be rendered homeless as this has been Aam Aadmi Party’s promise.

In September 2015, the AAP government had approved a slum policy. The main focus of the policy was in-situ (on site) rehabilitation of the slums in Delhi, with relocation only in exceptional cases.


  1. AAP is doing so much work and the picture that the media paints of this party is the opposite. Every channel said they have done nothing in the last 2 years and showed people of Delhi regretting voting for AAP. Never seen such a concerted effort to downgrade a political party which is actually keeping it’s promises in spite of facing relentless obstacles from every corner, especially center. We should be lucky someone like AK came into politics. Hope AAP comes to Karnataka soon.

  2. Paid media should leave AAP alone and I am sure they will do excellent work in Delhi and where ever they are chosen as a Government. To paid media stop poisoning the middle-class people of Delhi with false news about AAP.

  3. APP rocks!
    Time to show what AAP means when they form the government in Punjab and end the drug regime..
    Full autonomy and you should be able to prove yourself

  4. Enemy of humanity will question this good gesture of distributing home to poor people. This group of fake/paid media need to know that this world is still a good and safe place to live because of few good selfless people like AK and Sisodia. Please at this moment I would request them to be silent and applaud the good and generous gesture of AK & Party. Paid Media as a profession should only go till an extend to earn salary. But if you hurt humanity then there is some problem in your gean/your ancestor’s breed. Also remind you that you and your family also going to live in this society. hence be careful about anything you do which is inhuman. GOD BLESS AK and AAP Party.

  5. They are targeting the real need of voter / humanity like Health, education, houses etc..not just spreading hate among people to divide & rule like BJP those are working as an agent of corporate.

  6. Kudos to Arvind Kejriwal and Manish sisodia this is exactly why inspite of the fake animosity that BJP IT cell spews online and media propoganda against AAP and fake opinion poll’s AAP is growing in leaps and bounds. There is only so much of dirt you can throw at truth… AAP is challenging the status quo with such ferocity that ordinary politicians like Modi are fumbling and are confused as to how to counter AAP’s style of politics which i guess is a welcome change for someone like me who is fed up of the mediocity of our political discourse.

  7. AAP is doing a fabulous job. I hope Modi will come to senses and would not become an obstacle in the welfare of these poor people….

    • Sunil: why do AAP supporters always talk of Modi with so much negativity, just like Kejriwaal? Anyways, AAP has done a good job by allocating houses to slum dwellers which were built by Shelia’s government with Centre’s help. So it’s just allocation that AAP has done.

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