6-Hour-Old Girl, Buried Alive, With Umbilical Cord Intact, Is Recovering

Palash Hospital Gwalior
India is struggling to bridge the sex ratio gap with tough laws in the country. (Representational)

Jajpur: A baby — believed to no more than six hours old – was rescued after she had been left to die in a shallow sand pit in a field in Odisha, when a passer-by spotted her feet poking through the ground on Saturday.

The baby, found in the Jajpur district, was rushed to hospital where she is under observation, officials said.

“She is doing fine and all her parameters are normal. She is a full term baby, weighing around 2.5 kg,” Chief Medical Officer Jajpur district Fanindra Kumar Panigrahi told news agency AFP.

“Her umbilical cord was intact and body was still covered with vernix,” he said.

Hospital Staff have named the girl Dharitri, a Sanskrit word meaning “the earth”.

The girl will be handed over to the state-run child welfare committee after she is discharged from the hospital.

Police told AFP that they suspect the newborn was either abandoned by her parents because of her gender or the mother had been an unmarried woman.

“We are trying to track the parents of the girl. Chances are it was a case of female foeticide and it is clear that the accused wanted to kill her,” local police officer Jyoti Prakash Panda said.

India is struggling to bridge the sex ratio gap with tough laws as the country fares badly with 940 females for every 1,000 males, according to the last official census in 2011.

Earlier this month police recovered 19 female foetuses from a sewer in Maharashtra and accused a doctor of illegally aborting them for parents desperate for a boy.

On Monday, a female foetus was found buried near a sewer in New Delhi after dogs were spotted digging the earth around it.

A 2011 study in the British medical journal The Lancet found that up to 12 million girls had been aborted in the last three decades in India.

Agence France-Presse


  1. Thanks to NDTV for bringing this news out from a remote Village in Orissa. It is also wonderful to see that there many of us are willing to adopt this baby and give her a wonderful life.

    I wish the baby a great future and also appreciate once again NDTV for bringing such incident before the nation.

  2. Agence France-Presse reported this but far too commonplace from Indian press to report this. Anyway it doesn’t affect bhakts in India as much as cow protection, anti-romeo squads do

  3. Only In indian anything and everything is is possible . Hence always be alert. A saying says they came, they created, and they abandoned because of not her failures but influenced by other peoples fake talks.

  4. its really sad happening for adoption as has been detailed one has to go thorugh the right chaneel which is done to safeguard the interest and safety of child, ankul and anshul , please go via CARA as suggested above for adoption but if you will get same child or not isnt sure but still you will get the child for adoption and another orphan will get a house, please go ahead !!

  5. Proud of you Ankur, we need more Ankurs in our country to save it from going to hell.
    Anyway, actually I also want to Adopt the child, if anybody can please connect us to the exact location of the Hospital or Police station, that would be really Great.

  6. Good to see there are nice people like Ankur. I live abroad but still would like to help financially. NDTV please share contact details.

  7. pls contact me 9004014462, i’m willing to adopt the baby. feel so sorry for the baby, their parents do have any rights to live in this world.

  8. God bless the baby.jako raakhe saaiyan maar sake na koye.. such people who do such things shall be very strictly dealt with!!!!

    • Really a good thought Ankur. You have to register yourself on CARA and upload all your credentials. It’s a legal process by the government. But it not sure that you will be getting the same baby. You will also have a region to choose from where u want a baby. All the best. In case if you need any further assistance feel free to reply.


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