8-Month-Old Baby From Punjab Weighs 17 Kg. Doctor, Parents Clueless About Her Condition

Chahat Kumar from Amritsar is just eight-months-old but already weighs 17 kg. (Photo Credit: AFP)
  • Eight-month-old Chahat Kumar's weight is double than what it should be
  • Her blood samples could not be taken because of her thick skin
  • She is reported to have breathing, sleeping issues because of her weight

Amritsar, Punjab: Chahat Kumar from Amritsar is just eight months old but already weighs 17 kg. She started gaining excess weight when she was barely four months old.

As per doctors, the average weight of a baby girl in this age-group is usually 6-9 kg. For her age, the baby not only weighs double, her diet is also that of a 10-year-old, says her doctor.

In an interview with Barcroft TV, published on April 13, Chahat’s father Suraj Kumar said, “She gets hungrier than other babies of her age and demands milk and food often.”

What has him and the doctors worried is that her weight is increasing day-by-day.

“When Chahat was born, she was like any other normal child. After four months, we realised that her weight was increasing,” Reenu Kumar, Chahat’s mother, told Barcroft TV.

Chahat’s diet is that of a 10-year-old, says her doctor. (Photo Credit: AFP)

When the worried parents went to the doctor, he asked for her blood test. However, due to the thickness of her skin, her blood sample could not be taken.

Chahat’s doctor Dr Vasudev Sharma, who has seen her grow since she was born, says that this is the first such case that he has encountered where the child’s weight is shooting up so rapidly – just four months after birth.

“We recommended the parents to visit a paediatric specialist at the civil hospital in Amritsar. However, as the baby has a lot of fat, the blood test could not be taken properly,” Dr Sharma said, in an interview to Barcroft TV.

The baby is reported to have breathing and sleeping issues because of her excess weight.

At this moment, her parents only wish that she could play with other children and have a healthy life and future, but are clueless about what their next step should be.


  1. She needs to see a PEDIATRIC ENDOCRINOLOGIST. I am based in the US and have seen a similar case (a young boy) mentioned in the media outlets here. This is probably an endocrine disorder.

  2. I second Sam’s request. Dear NDTV, kindly provide bank details of the family so we can help them get the best possible treatment for the baby.

  3. .The baby has to admitted and blood sample has to be taken by veni section and investigated for Pituitary problems and genetic testing .Any medical college hospital will investigate and do the needful.I am reporting is done but parents must be counselled for medical attention rather than sensationalism.


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