A Farmer Could Not Repay A Tractor Loan, His Family Paid The Price

Tamil Nadu bank default
Subramani has left behind three acres of land in Pilleri village to his wife Jamuna and their three children.

CHENNAI: A farmer and a former soldier in Tamil Nadu’s in Vellore district was shocked to receive a legal notice which threatened arrest and auction of his property for defaulting on a Rs 5 lakh loan, which he had taken to buy a tractor. The stress allegedly triggered a heart attack that killed him three months ago. Three weeks later, his wife also suffered a heart attack, but she survived.

Subramani, 65, has left behind three acres of land in Pilleri village to his wife Jamuna and their three children, but along with it, a loan which has compounded to Rs 16 lakh.

The notice says failure to pay the amount will attach their farmland to the default case, which could then be auctioned. The family says it took them six years to make the rocky terrain cultivable, but then they were hit with two consecutive droughts.

“If they take over our land we would be in shame. We would commit suicide,” said Jamuna.

The family alleges that they were lured into taking the loan by the bank and the tractor dealer.

“We would never see that much money in life. No income from our farmland. We spend a lot for pesticide but no returns. No rains too,” said S Madeswaran, the second of the three children.

The ruling AIADMK’s promised to waiver off farm loans but the policy does not cover loans from nationalised banks. The farmers are neither insured in a case of crop failure.

The bank, which refused to comment, had offered a settlement, but the family couldn’t pay that either.

The bank’s lawyer C Ramesh, who had issued the legal notice, said he was bound to following protocol. “We only followed the rule book to recover the loan,” he said.

At least three farmers committed suicides in Tamil Nadu over the last three months over tractor seizures and crop failure.


  1. Ache din …..for India. All parties are same. After the poor’s blood and in this case, life. No one wants to address the national crisis of severe water shortage. Instead of giving free gold, give farmers free seeds, tractors and see them transform land into gold.

  2. while there are defaulters causing our country to go bankrupt (and enjoying a royal life in the UK), our farmers who tend to feed us suffer dearly…

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