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Improving key nutrition and health outcomes by scaling up existing and new solutions, inter alia by enhancing agricultural productivity through targeted research and development in India

Why Small Farmers In Tamil Nadu Borrow Money At 60% Interest

In October 2014 Karuppasamy (name changed), a farmer in Tamil Nadu's western district of Pudukkottai, had no choice but to rent a pump-set to...
Village Woman Generic

For Single Women In Marathwada, New Rules To Allow Them Land

Rajshree Gungoo, a chatty 27-year-old with a quick smile, speaks up at a gathering of about 40 women discussing the challenges facing single women...
Water Crisis

The Great Indian Water Walkathon

In Odisha, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, more than 35 per cent of rural households - at least one in four -- have to walk half-a-kilometer to get water, says data from Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS II), which surveyed 42,153 homes.

In Jharkhand, Food, Not For All

For a public hearing on the National Food Security Act in Jharkhand's Gumla district, conducted by activists in the presence of government officials, 75-year-old...
Tamil Nadu bank default

A Farmer Could Not Repay A Tractor Loan, His Family Paid The Price

A farmer and a former soldier in Tamil Nadu's in Vellore district was shocked to receive a legal notice which threatened arrest and auction...

Onions @50 Paisa A Kilo, Farmers Skeptical About Government Intervention

The onion protests of Madhya Pradesh has drawn some action from the state government, but the farmers are saying it is a case of...

Re 1 For 1,000 Kg Onions: What A Debt-Hit Farmer Made In Maharashtra

On May 10, Pune farmer Devidas Maruti Parbhane sold almost a 1000 kg of onion at the city's wholesale market. At the end of...
Maharashtra Farmer Drought 2016 India

Desperate Maharashtra Farmer’s Do-It-Yourself Dam Saves A Village

For years, the monsoon has been stingy with Maharashtra's Akola district, but when it did rain, a section of Sanjay Tikde's farm would get flooded and disintegrate, the precious soil streaming away.
UPA Job Scheme MNREGA Better Under Narendra Modi Government

UPA’s Job Scheme MNREGA Better Under Its Rule, Says Modi Government

Prem Dayamani, a villager living 30 km from Ranchi, had an average income of Rs 27 a day last year. That's Rs 5 less...
Desperate For Water, Five Men Die In Haryana Trying To Revive A Well

Desperate For Water, Five Men Die In Haryana Trying To Revive A Well

Five Dalit villagers have died trying to revive an unused well in Haryana, the police said on Tuesday, as the country reels under one...

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