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Improving key nutrition and health outcomes by scaling up existing and new solutions, inter alia by enhancing agricultural productivity through targeted research and development in India

India Has World's Highest Number Without Clean Water: Report

India Has World’s Highest Number Without Clean Water: Report

India has the world's highest number of people without access to clean water - imposing a major financial burden on people, according to a report released on Tuesday.
Drought Hit Telangana Farmers Sink Deeper In Debt After Digging Borewells

Drought-Hit Telangana Farmers Sink Deeper In Debt After Digging Borewells

"Our livelihood is just on land. Hoping against hope, we dig borewells to grow crop. When it fails, what can we do? The government should help."
Drought And Despair In Telangana

‘We Have Neither Food Nor Water’: Drought And Despair In Telangana

In a small village in Telangana, it's past noon and tempers are as high as the blistering heat. It's a blistering 42 degrees in...
A 40-year-old farmer in Tamil Nadu's Thanjavur

Unpaid Tractor Loan Prompted Bank Warning – Then, A Heart Attack

M Subramani died of a heart attack after receiving a bank envelope stating he owed them Rs 15 lakh.
Lentils Reuters

Grow Lentils, Soyabean, Said PM Modi. Farmers Responded. And Now…

Millions of farmers look set to switch from growing pulses and oilseeds after a government campaign to boost output became a victim of its...
With An Unforgiving Drought, A Cattle Crisis Spreads Through Marathwada

With An Unforgiving Drought, A Cattle Crisis In Marathwada

Non-governmental organisations or cooperatives can set up cattle camps like these, but need a minimum of 500 animals, in order to get subsidy from the government to run them.
Village Woman Generic

For Single Women In Marathwada, New Rules To Allow Them Land

Rajshree Gungoo, a chatty 27-year-old with a quick smile, speaks up at a gathering of about 40 women discussing the challenges facing single women...

Inadequate Breastfeeding May Drain Indian Economy Of US $14 Billion: UN Report

United Nations: Nearly one lakh children die every year in India due to diseases that could have been prevented through breastfeeding, according to a...
Tamil Nadu bank default

A Farmer Could Not Repay A Tractor Loan, His Family Paid The Price

A farmer and a former soldier in Tamil Nadu's in Vellore district was shocked to receive a legal notice which threatened arrest and auction...
Latur Drought

In Drought-hit Latur, The Fear Of Riots Over Water

Groups of people have been banned from gathering near water sources in the Latur district of Maharashtra after violent skirmishes between increasingly desperate residents living in an area hit by drought.

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