Bollywood Actors Rahul Bose, Vidya Balan Take Up Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

Actor Rahul Bose said that it is surprising that this issue exists in European countries as well and it has nothing to do with socio-economic background. (Photo Credit: AFP)

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Rahul Bose and actress actress Vidya Balan came together to support the eradication of child sexual abuse at the launch of “HEAL: NGO against child sexual abuse”, founded by Mr Bose.

This is one of the causes that we do not want to talk much about but it is a very sensitive issue that needs to be addressed. And you would be surprised to know that our country is one of the largely affected countries, Mr Bose said at the NGO’s launch on Tuesday.

The 49-year-old actor said that it is surprising that this issue exists in the European countries as well, indicating that it has nothing to do with socio-economic background. It happens everywhere in the world.

“Child sexual abuse is something that we don’t want to even hear, forget to know of. The most disturbing thing is that it happens in the family, which is the safest place for a child. It’s horrific,” said Ms Balan.

The initiative will be followed by an online campaign which will be supported by many celebrities of Bollywood including Karan Johar, Kalki Koechlin, Shabana Azmi, among others.

“Apart from conducting workshops in various schools and train people to counsel and help victims of abuse, we have made four ad films for our digital campaign which will be going on social media supported by many collogues from our fraternity,” said Mr Bose.

Karan Johar, Shabana Azmi, Atul Kasbekar, Vidya Balan, Kalki Koechlin, Konkonasen Sharma, Sashi Tharoor, Anil Kumble among others will be part of the social media campaign, the actor added.

“I know friends who’ve been through this and how it has scarred their lives. I feel ashamed to say this but I must admit, there was a friend of mine who went through the same and another said, ‘may be she is making it up because she needs attention,'” Ms Balan said.

“I won’t deny that I didn’t consider it because you don’t want to accept that this could be true, could be happening in someone’s family,” she added.

Mr Bose said that through this initiative, they want to create awareness and eradicate abuse as much as possible.

Members from film fraternity tweeted support on this initiative:

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  1. its devastating for a child to face this situation… together we must find ways to stop this insanity.

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