Everyone Wanted Bribes For Our Baby’s Treatment, Allege Broken Parents

The couple has alleged that they had to pay a bribe to the nurse on duty.

The parents of a 10-month-old boy who died in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday allege that they were asked for bribes by every employee they encountered, including the man who was to administer a crucial injection to the infant.

The child died because the injection was delayed, said his mother Sumita Dutt, sobbing with his body in her arms outside the hospital in Bahraich, 130 km from state capital Lucknow.

The hospital has denied the allegations, but has ordered an inquiry and sacked one of the bribe-takers.

Sumita and Shiv Dutt, who live in a village near Bahraich, had brought their son Krishna to the children’s ward at the biggest government hospital in the town. The child had high fever and weakness.

After a doctor asked the couple to admit the child, a nurse was allegedly the first to demand extra money to get documents in order.

Next, alleges Sumita, it was the sweeper at the children’s ward who asked for a bribe to place the child on the bed that was allotted to them.

On Tuesday morning, Sumita says, a medical assistant came over and asked for money to fetch a crucial injection, even though the hospital doesn’t charge for it.

“I asked him to give me some time…I promised to give him whatever amount he asked for,” says Sumita.

After an argument, the assistant did fetch the injection, but it was too late to save the child, say the parents.

“Every staff member wanted a bribe. Only the doctors don’t ask because they have private practice. I think one should sell one’s land and go to a private hospital,” said Shiv Dutt, who works as a labourer.

The parents have not gone to the police after the hospital’s assurance that their complaint would be investigated.

“There was no delay in giving injections,” says OP Pandey, doctor in-charge at the Bahraich district hospital. “The main complaint was that bribes were asked for during admission by a nurse and sweeper. We have removed the sweeper and transferred the nurse and an inquiry is underway.”



  1. Being a doctor, is one of the most noble and respectable profession. But unfortunately, it is losing its importance as many people in this field are adopting means to grab more and more money. Is there anybody who can put a check on such hospitals who don’t have any heart to protect and save the lives of kids and other patients ? No matter how many hospitals and medical centers are opened in this country, such initiatives would be a sheer wastage so long as the worms of corruption are eating away its roots. A strict enquiry should be held to investigate the matter and punish the culprits as nobody has the rights to play with life of anybody in this world.

  2. My heart goes to the parent, there will be another enquiry which will be set up with no results coming out. I feel the tears in my eyes. I don’t know where we are heading towards… can money could be the substitute of life. I pray to God give the strength to the family and for little one you have gone to a better place dear.

  3. All of the world only corruption and all bad things happening all bcoz of money ,selfishness,senseless people around us only they thinking about there own family and house nothing ,no concern for others ,nothing will change …………… independence is not from outside it should be from inside ………..As bible says love one another as we love our self than only we understand the pain of other people around us ……….. if everyone follow the law written in Bible and understand the truth thing will defenetley change ………… otherwise we can only blame each other but bad things and people will rule the world and people will suffer no end for this

  4. It’s not UP alone, it is the bigger picture of India with of course few heavenly exceptions. It happens every day with most of us. It is not about politics, it is about humanity and mindset. Law and order can not always guarantee those things. However, those criminals should be punished according to the hardest rules.

  5. Shame on these corrupt UP Government employees.Mr.Young CM must take immediate action to arrest these rogues and initiate further action without delay.

  6. Having a young child myself I have started feeling how painful it might be to hold one’s own child lifeless and that too for some money. Couple of thoughts come to my mind on how we can solve such issues for the poor –
    1. Health Insurance for all – this can be started by the Center. So many taxes we already pay by the way..
    2. Lets ban Cash totally. All transactions via secure online payments.. yes it will take some time & technology but we can hold people accountable for all the money tracks and properties owned by them/relatives.
    3. Another point – may be controversial – but asking people to go for family planning based on their sources of income / affordability.
    4. Incentive for people to start their own businesses – This will be a great help in providing recruitment for many who are unemployed / under employed.
    5. Last but not the least – we need to sensitize people to be humans first. Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/whatever can come later.
    Jai Hind.

  7. hereafter if anyone single person is asking for bribe to be given public punishments. if possible audio or video recordings are to be made and every educated or smart person should help the poor peoples for the kind of HUMANITY.

    Only one way is make a mob unite all and take give public punishments to those people directly. Unite public dint have single face. And when the no. of proofs are more who have suffered no one can take action against public.

  8. The only solution is to ban all current and past politician of india from tamilnadu to kashmir… feel sad for that parents…

  9. Its sad..but one must ask themselves..why did they pro create when they could not afford the child…did they pay any taxes or contributed to the creation of health care infrastructure…

    It might sound insensitive but population need to understand that unless you contribute by way of taxes..you should not be entitled to basic amenities….common mass just cant reproduce in large number and ask the system to take care of them for free…

    Abroad…you wont even get water to drink unless you buy it…in India..people want everything for free without paying for anything..

    Think and ponder upon it….

  10. Those who monitor the law and order are themselves corrupt at least 80 % is corrupt, whether it is hospital, school, railways, municipality. Removal from job or sacking them is not enough. They should penalized heavily. There should fear among st the people for doing anything wrong in the society.
    Mr. Modi or his associate is not only responsible, we all are responsible-

  11. Only one question to everybody who has commented on this- would you give a bribe or have you ever given a bribe?

    The action starts with each one of us and not with either Modi or Akhilesh or any other polititian, it starts with each one of us.
    We all say there should be no corruption but we justify our own actions for the same.
    If each one of us practices this corruption will disappear.
    Let us focus on what each one can do.


  13. Why we can’t question our PM as he had promised the Corruption Free India & Ache Din for all in his election rallies? After a hell lot of struggle, outrage, dharnas & sacrifices of the common citizens, the previous Govt passed the Central Lokpal & Lokayukta Act. 2 years have been passed by this nikamma Govt and they have not appointed the Lokpal till date..why? This Ache Din Govt introduced a Revision for keeping out the Politicians & Bureaucrats relatives out of the Lokpal scope last week and to our shock and surprise, all the parties in the Parliament united and passed it unanimously without discussion. Is it not the PM answerable for this?

  14. Horrifying story.But please dont pass such generalized comments on all doctors.Being a doctor,i know what sacrifices we have to make each day,which no other professional does.Money that we make is not the only measure of success and happiness.Loss of a patient especially a kid hurts js too.We dont know the full story and every death is not negligence.We dont even know the cause/diagnosis of the baby.Many times the situation is beyond repair when the patient arrives.No one acknowledges this.If you take a faulty instrument to a technician,he or she just replaces it but unfortunately its not the case with medicine.Life or death is often decided by few hours of delayed presentation or delayed treatment.At tge same time,i agree there are rotten apples in the group as in any other profession.I hope a fair enquiry is done.

  15. This is not the first time in govt hospital. These people should be sacked and send to remote places as punishment where they will repent as to why did I ask bribe. But the administration does not take any harsh action and turns a deaf ear, once a strict action is taken the system will change.

  16. Every one of us would be tempted to blame the Govt of the day. But are they the real culprits here? No! It is the Aam Aadmi on street who is to be blamed here. Corruption and criminality is central our great Bharitya Sanskriti. Those who are corrupt are celebrated in our society and not looked down upon. The kids are taught the corrupt way of life from the beginning.
    And no I am not an SP supporter. I don’t even live in UP.

  17. Why did they transfer the nurse? why didnt they book her and start trial on her?…………its is really a failure of system, how one should rely on this system in which you can do anything and you just got transferred from one place to another………….

  18. The mentality of Indian:
    1. A person who follows all the rules properly is an idiot
    2. Who explore ways and means out of the law for his or his community gain is a smart person.
    3. Who don’t make money when there is OPPORTUNITY for BRIBERY is a fool.be it govt.or private.
    4. Who respects the dignity of the next person is an unintelligent man, he respects him/her because he doesn’t know anything or he is not confident.

    When will our PRAISE-HUNGRY Indians who boast of great India come to senses and make India a great Nation???
    Sad reality is … NO ONE WHO HAS GONE OUT OF INDIA WANTS TO COME BACK TO INDIA. The above attitudes is the reason for this sad reality.
    OPEN UP YOUR EYES and see the reality around you.

    India is 75% literate. What is this 75% of the population doing? What has they learn and is practising to be a good Indian? Good Indians should reverse the above attitudes.
    OTHERWISE, our next generations will be the victims of more worse situations like this!

  19. The hospital and all the police and government shamelessly denied that bribery is so prevalent in India. But we all know the truth.
    The parent are 100% telling the truth. We have to do something. Just beat these bastard in public.

  20. Govt = Bribe. Bribe = Govt. Deal with any central/state/panchayat/municipal OR any level, any department. Medical treatment, tax assessment, death certificate what not. Bribe is the birthright of every govt employee.

    Poor lady should have tweeted Sush.. Swa… for help.

  21. Corruption and reservation are main reasons for such issues at the grass root level. People get job by paying money and it is rampant in U.P particularly in this Govt. tenure. So when I have paid money to get salary ..to recover my money anyhow, I am not going to work. Second reservation ignores merit so people who get job due to reservation are incompetent so service level is pathetic. People from unreserved category when they see that people from reserved category are getting free salary and promotion and no work or substandard work, then they are also not working so again no work or substandard work. On the top, social media and internet have created havoc in government hospitals. Take pic and sell outside to get more money. The whole system is collapsing..

  22. corruption and bribe are economic terrorism killing each one of us… biggest threat. need to be sensitive towards economically disadvantaged section.

  23. MG.
    Very sad that innocent child has died due to lack of basic facilities in digital India..and for the stone age civilization of our country… Where does taxpayer’s money go… 1000s of crores which govt. Pays as subsidy to well of people and through our PSU banks….m ashamed to be part of this system…. Modi Sir….hope you can bring the change in our country…

  24. You go to any state the condition is the same. Tired of this insensitive political class, they are the root cause of all evils. We elect them to provide us good governance. They all should be ashamed of themselves. But they are so thick skinned that all they see themselves, their party and nothing else. Wish god give a cruel justice to all these politicians, bureaucrats, cops and medical professionals who are responsible of such a disturbing condition for countries poor.

  25. Nothing will change until we moderate citizen break free and do something about it, hurdles and difficulties will always be there in any activity but we always show them as excuses. Do we not deal with the hurdles and difficulties in our studies, profession and relationship then why claim it as an excuse when it comes to social cause, eventually it is also personal cause. We the people are the boss for our government and our employee (Government) will definitely will not function well as long as the boss is OK with that!!!

  26. Please stop this voyeuristic journalism. The news is worth reporting to expose the gross negligence and rampant corruption in medical practices – but taking a video of mourning parents – thats highly unacceptable. Can’t you let them grieve in peace over the loss of their child? Pathetic and grossly insensitive. NDTV – we didn’t expect this from you. Just to get more views?????? Such a Shame!

    • Why does the truth hurt?? Too much for bhakts to digest? As long as people of this country keep voting for the same corrupt system nothing will change!

  27. We are losing our true Bharathiya culture of kindness, compassion and charity across the society. But the persons to blame for the bad condition of our nation is the people who hold economic and political power. It is they who can really transform our country. As long as worthless people are holding power, these incidents will continue. Right thinking people like us can at best rectify ourselves and see that we and our family do not lose our integrity, character and morale. We will spread the seed of goodness across our small circles and hopefully the greenery will spread across the nation in some time in the future. I can only but sympathize and pray for the bereaved poor parents.

  28. absolutely gut wrenching. The pic of the grieving mother says it all. The only fault of the parents was that they were poor and could not afford private hosp. (Not that private hosp are any better). No compensation or suspension will return their baby but a thorough,transparent, effective and speedy investigation will at least bring closure for the ill fated parents. Persons found guilty should be booked under the strictest provisions.
    Cant imagine this happened to a 10 month baby… may his soul RIP.

  29. OP Pandey should have been arrested for criminal negligence and homicide , sacked from his job and his license should have been cancelled. What about the collector , shouldn’t he/she be suspended ? What about the Akhilesh and his health minister ?

  30. This is so so PAINFUL and SHAMEFUL that we are living in this country. We bloody talk of human values but on grounds, it’s shattering truth that this country is genetically CORRUPT, INSENSITIVE & SHAMELESS.
    Bribes are embedded in all govt. institutions, in particular citizen centric services, Hospitals, Courts, Police stations are breeding grounds and here merciless govt. officials will only understand the language of money, will not be affecetd by whether you a kid, sr. citizen or a woman.

  31. It’s heart wrenching to see the pain on the mother’s face. As a society we have lost all morality. Greed, money and power seem to have become the order of the day. We are bereft of any humanity. It’s hard to believe we have come to this pass – no point in pointing fingers at someone else – we have to introspect as a society!

  32. Go Behind these dirty politicians.People talk big but when it comes to reality they fail.We have bunch jokers and illiterate,corrupted people leading the govt.Pull Akilesh Yadav out of his office drag him to the hospital show that mother feeling the pain with a 10 month old. we don’t value human lives.

  33. After 70 years of Independence, we have not secured independence from corruption. This is a fact corruption is flourishing in our society and we are now blind, insensitive. Govt, doctors, nurse are part are part society. Food, water, cleanliness, medicine all are in hands of corruption and are generations future is a stake.

  34. Transfer and suspension is no solution. They should be sent to jail and booked under the charge of murder. Shame is not the word for these people. They are parasites that have eaten up the society.

  35. The wise say it rightly >money is the root cause for many social evils
    greed and excessive hunger for money( more than the salary earned… and also the extravagance seen all around leads to many temptations )is the main root cause for all evils .,and the poor and downtrodden are made to pay the price.
    We should learn to consider the misery of others as our own ..and t we all need to be content like our ancestors and live in harmony and peace helping each other as much as we can .

  36. Do India need external enemies or threats at al when we have such highly advanced corrupt and insensitive people serving in nobel work places like hospitals and clinics? How will it help to simply remove sweeper and transfer a nurse demanding bribes? Will this bring that little angel back to life? Why do they call themselves Doctors or “so called” life saviers? Why cant they be called “butchers”? Whoever is guilty must be punished severely to feel the pain this little ones parents are going through!

  37. Mr. Modi, are you listening? Aren’t you ashamed that corruption has increased in our country instead of decreasing in the last 2 years? Are you going to do something about it or like in all other issues, you are planning to send a request to officers and bureaucrats to stop taking bribes? I don’t know if you realize it but the fact is that your recent action against cow vigilantes, terrorism, corruption and rapes shows the powerless position of PM in India.

    • It’s incorrect to blame the Hon PM for the grassroot level indiscipline and corruption. He is the 3rd most respected PM the country has fortunately got after Sh.Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sh Atalji who have vision, vigor and urge to see the country’s prosperity.
      The Leader can guide by demonstrating his attitude and devotion. It’s for the citizens to take a call to support the bonafide therein. But unfortunately, there is only exception not the dedication and devotion by most of us.
      Can’t we for a change rise from the low to see country’s welfare above us. Pl try and get engaged in national building rather than fiercely criticising.

    • Do u have anything called a brain? do u even know the powers of center and states. morons like you are also responsible for such situation

    • You idiot have some sense before commenting. Is corruption in this hospital started in last 2 years?Shameless fellow like you must change within to understand each issue and not relate to your personal dislike against someone. Last but not least what were your supporters before 2 years and what did you do ?

      • I felt the pain& anguish …. I cursed those who did this…., I , just like all others pained by these images, have moved one notch higher to revolting & rebelling against the system- that day is coming…….
        No words or Prize winning article would have brought tears in my eyes or caused the pain these images have…
        Sometimes, it is necessary to project the raw pain to wake the human soul. If that were what NDTV intended, I guess that response/ comments in here speaks for itself, including mine.
        And commenting on removing a political party/ politician is not going to solve Issues…one demon shall replace the other….one needs to change the system from the grass root level….meaning you and I and all should start objecting, protesting whenever we see injustice happening and support any person we happen to see being treated unjustly….that way a conscious society shall evolve –
        “He walks on, doesn’t look back
        He pretends he can’t hear her
        Starts to whistle as he crosses the street
        Seems embarrassed to be there

        Oh think twice, it’s another day for you and me in paradise ”

        So it is important to not take a holier than thou attitude, and divert the issues by commenting on propriety.

      • You can solve traffic challans by paying Rs. 100 in Delhi whereas in Gujarat cops taking minimum Rs. 250/-, that is the difference in the amount of corruption.

    • Oh……congress bhakt i guess……….get manmohan singh back……hes voted as the most powerfull primeminister ever in indian history, and he will stop all small bribes and will only let multi lakh crore scams happen.

      • Dear idiot fellow “DV”, just google it about Sanjiv Chaturvedi (CVO of AIIMS) and Modi government, a person who donates Magsaysay award money to AIIMS for poor patients and highlight corruption going on AIIMS, instead of taking action against culprits modi government trying save culprits and shunted to sanjeev chaturvedi, even though Kejriwal government asking his service in Delhi for fight against corruption but current is in fear to transfer him, i know you cant believe bcz you r follower of corrupted party, just google it, search it and realiaze it. Note I am defending Akhilesh government yes he is responsible for Bahraich not Central goverment.,

  38. Can’t we stop that? How many generations we need to change our system? We are becoming so less sensitive of the human life. I don’t know the reasons for the death but one should have tried his best to save the valuable human life of this kid.
    In the West, you wouldn’t believe the amount of care and attention the authorities give to any sick person. Come on man, we can do it much better.

    • After reading all the above comments, i am on the conclusion that No body is INDIAN. Some are Modi Bhaqt, some are MMS bhaqt, some are Kejri Bhaqt, some praises Mulayam/Akhilesh and one guy said UP guys are lazy cancer… i mean where we are heading??? Can we Unite???? for God’s SAKE…?? Can we unite against these politicians???? just dnt VOTE.!!

    • Every govt hospital must install cctv cameras and monitor the behavior of staff and doctors and take actions. Let me narrate a story that has helped me with my baby’s emergency.

      Read this if you have time

      If this is the case of a poor baby in govt hospital let me narrate my own experience with private hospitals. I am a rich guy wiht GOD’s grace.

      Last month my 1.5 year old baby accidentally fell in a 20 litre water bucket half filled with water in bath room upside down (yes i agree for neglignece on my part and my wife’s part that it took 2-5 for us to discover where is the baby and he has fell in to water) baby was un concious when taken out from bucket.

      I was not at home, my sister in law and took help of a neibhour (may God bless him) took him to every private clinic and private hospitals near my house but NO BODY WAS READY TO TREAT HIM and all were asking to take him to the governament hospita which is 3 KM away.

      My question is, is this behaviour of private hospitals and clinics is appropriate?

      Any way we reached govt hospital, VIMS Bellary and with Gods grace the hospital staff responded very quickly and removed water from his lungs and stomach, baby had convolutions (just like fits), there was not doctor as it was sunday (expected?) but I appreciate the nurse and staff who did thir best to remove all water. After convolutions the nurse said that water has entered brain no guarentee for 48 hours and suggested us to take to some good privae hospital if we can to save baby. Finally we got a private doctor visit the hospital to take stock of situation and doctor too confirmed the same and asked us to go to Bengalru to some hospital that has child ICU and ventilator but to which priavate hospital we have to go as thy are refusing? With God’s name i called for an ambulace and on the way (my place is 300 KM away from Bengaluru)

      I Called Appollo hospital Bannerghatta road Bengaluru, Narayana Hospital Hosur road Bengaluru, some of the best corporate hospitals, the moment i told it is a drowning case the hospital told that they dont have child ICU and ventilaor (should i laugh at them as they are such super super spciality hospitals and they dont have PICU and ventilator)? The fact that they dont want to take risk and dont want to help people in dispair!!! very bad.

      With God’s grace, half the way my baby started responding and crying and gained conciousness, no clue about where to go took suggestion from a Gynacologis Dr. Mamta of Bengaluru (May God Bless her) and she suggested Manipal hospital, when i called up manipal hospital jayanagar Bengaluru, the docutor inquired about the baby status like pulse and BP which had improved a lot from the nurse on board and asked us to come to hospital… only when he concluded that baby is out of danger. After 3 days of hospitalizatin and a bill of 35,0000.00 i got my baby discharged.

      This is the status of private hospitals, they will admit only if it is no risk case adn want to mint enough money.

      Hatsoff to the government hospital staff at VIMS Bellary, the staff behaviour was same earlier but after govt appointed good administrators, they have fitted cctv every where to monitor staff behavor, so it had change in theeir behavior (Actyally they refused to take money when we offered as a thankful gesture). Every govt hospital administration should do this

      • Abdul sahab, you are a lucky person. Private hospitals are known for money making not for medical help. The government hospitals are for medical help but staff working over there are either not motivated or lethargic or incompetent (reservation category) to provide minimum service. On the top of that, they are overburdened so negligence is evident. But still I prefer to to go to government hospital as at least doctors are good and they act fast provided you have money to buy medicines/tests. It is good if we give some donation to government hospital (in cash/in kind) that will help… and this reservation system is creating havoc it should be removed.

    • And why are we comparing the West ? There is a need to evaluate and fix issues,if any, with the system in India. There’s no need to compare with any country , let’s just fix our issues.

      • @rajiv: “Fix issues, if any, with the system…” !
        That’s typical language when you’re sitting on a moral pedestal. Have you ever been to a rural hospital ?


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