Countries Require Collective Efforts To Fight Children’s Diseases, Say Experts

In 2015, 86 per cent of infants received three doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) vaccine worldwide.

New Delhi: With the ongoing World Immunization Week from April 24-30, an expert panel met on Thursday to discuss about the need and challenges of full immunization in the country.

The experts noted that 2-3 million deaths in the country are preventable if infants get vaccinations on time.

According to experts, in 2015, 86 per cent (116 million) of infants received three doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) vaccine worldwide.

“By 2015, 126 countries had 90 per cent coverage of DTP3 vaccine. Currently there are 19.4 million deaths that are occurring because of un-vaccinated and under-vaccinated people,” said Rahul Nagpal, Director and Head of Paediatrics and Neonatology at Fortis Hospital, was quoted as saying to news agency IANS.

Experts also urged the government to intensify the campaigns for tetanus and rubella vaccinations.

Mr Nagpal further said that countries need to take a collective effort to minimize the chances of tetanus. Tetanus, he said, is responsible for festering infection that affects the muscles and the nervous system of the body and about 10-20 per cent of tetanus cases are fatal.

Davinder Gill, CEO of a global vaccine research and development organisation said that while vaccination coverage has improved, many children are still not getting proper immunization for preventable diseases. Thus, efforts need to be made to reach out to communities which are lower on resources.

(With inputs from IANS)



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