Trees For Fees: English Medium School in Chhattisgarh Village Breaks New Grounds

The initiative is meant to benefit parents who are unable to afford school fees for their children.

Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh: The residents of Chhattisgarh’s Ambikapur village are a happy lot. They will now be able to send their wards to an English medium school, where instead of paying the usually high school fees, they can plant a tree and nurture it.

The unique idea was put into practice by a group of local professionals and businessmen and is meant to benefit parents who can’t afford to send their children to a good school.

At least 35 children study at Shiksha Kuteer, the primary school in Ambikapur. But over the last one year, 700 saplings have been planted in the village – a testament to the overwhelming response from the villagers.

Sevak Das, a villager, told news agency ANI, “Shiksha Kuteer has opened in the village for students who are poor and have no money to pay fees. Students are being taught in English medium.”

He further said, “They are being taught till a certain standard and their guardians have been asked to plant saplings instead of paying fees.”

The parents are responsible for taking care of the plant and in case the plant dies, they will be required to plant another in its place. But they are elated. The initiative, they say, has come as a blessing as their children will get quality education at a meagre cost.

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