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Access to pre-natal care, safe delivery, and expert post-natal care will reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality

Inside TN's care home

The Gory Truth About Tamil Nadu’s Private Orphanages

Chennai: Dhanalakshmi was 14 and pregnant when she was rescued from a children's home in Tamil Nadu. She had been entrusted in the care of...

‘The Nights Are Unbearable’ Say Wives Of Men Stranded In Gulf

Most of the 'women left behind' married the men when they returned for a short break from working abroad, and 90 percent of them have never travelled to their spouse's country of work.

Work Begins At Home Of Woman Who Pawned Her ‘Mangalsutra’ For A Toilet

Work for construction of a toilet started today at the house of a woman, who had mortgaged her 'mangalsutra', in Bihar's Rohtas district. Phool Kumari...

Traffic Noise Ups Heart Attack Risk

Living near the highway could cost your heart dear as researchers have found that risk of heart attack goes up with the amount of traffic noise to which you are exposed.

Thumb-Sucking, Nail-Biting Can Actually Keep Allergies At Bay

The findings showed that children with both thumb-sucking or nail-biting habits were less likely to be allergic to things such as house dust mites, grass, cats, dogs, horses or airborne fungi.

Dirty Water Stunts Millions Of Children: Study

India is home to the world's largest number of stunted children due to a lack of toilets, dirty water and poor hygiene, according to...

61.8 Million Children In India, A Whopping 39 %, Are Stunted

One of the biggest public health issues India is facing today is stunting of children and unless prompt intervention is made, it can affect...

In 2015, India Lost A Million Children Who Could Have been Saved: UNICEF

Around 1.2 million children in India could have been saved in 2015 had the basic minimum sanitation and healthcare facilities been provided for, says the UNICEF's State of the World's Children Report 2016 that was released today.

Allow My Sick Daughter To Die, He Told A Court. She Got Care Instead.

A 9-month-old baby girl, whose parents had sought mercy killing for her, is about to get a new lease of life at a hospital in Chennai.

17% Indian Pregnant Women Suffer From Obesity, Diabetes

At least 17 per cent of the pregnant women in India are suffering from obesity and diabetes and carry a high risk of transferring...

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