Fashion With A Cause: Breast Cancer Survivors Walk The Ramp To Inspire

The show 'Embrace the Pink Power' was organised to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

New Delhi: In an attempt to spread awareness, breast cancer survivors took to stage as models for a unique fashion show.

‘Embrace the Pink Power’ was organised to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month and show solidarity with cancer survivors.

The show, held in New Delhi by Roko Cancer Charitable Trust on Friday, had cancer survivors draped in couture “Gulabi”, designed by Anupama Dayal.

“Breast cancer is women’s biggest enemy. If someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone else looking after them suffer. Ignorance kills, but awareness is empowering. Early detection leads to cure,” said APS Chawla, Chairman, Roko Cancer.

Ms Dayal said that working with the survivors has motivated her to get involved in more such causes.

“These women have stood firm in the face of their worst nightmares. It has been inspiring to listen to their stories of hope and courage,” she said.

Cancer survivors were draped in couture “Gulabi”, designed by Anupama Dayal.

Joita Soni, who has been diagnosed with cancer thrice, said, “Those facing the disease must treasure themselves.”

The stars of the fashion show were 15 women including Ms Soni who walked the ramp to showcase their never-say-die spirit.

“Cancer is undoubtedly a tough disease to fight. I always believe health is not simply absence of illness. It is a constant challenge,” Ms Soni said.

Simran Kohli, 41, who finished her chemotherapy a month ago, opened up about her fight with the disease.

“Going through chemotherapy is very tough, but once diagnosed, one should just go ahead and get the treatment done. In the Indian society, women underestimate themselves and forget to prioritise their health. We need to wake up and look at ourselves first,” she said.



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