More Women Delivering In Hospitals, But Many Still Dying During Childbirth, Shows Study

By Devanik Saha / IndiaSpend Surujmuni Marandi, 24, decided to deliver her baby at the district hospital in Godda, Jharkhand. Like many, she was drawn to the idea of free medical assistance, medicines, nutrition and...

With Football, A Girl From Jharkhand Scores A Goal In Denmark

A passionate footballer at 17, Sunita Kumari, who lives in a village outside of Ranchi, was recently the youngest speaker in Denmark amid accomplished women footballers from around the world. She plays forward at an...
abandoned newborn dummy

Strangled, Smothered, Bludgeoned: Fate Of Abandoned Babies in South Delhi

New Delhi: Newborns struck on head by blunt force, some smothered, some strangled and then left to die on the road. These revelations have come after an AIIMS study of 17-year autopsy records from...
A 2013 Soccer Match Could Have Brought Zika Virus To Brazil

A 2013 Soccer Match Could Have Brought Zika Virus To Brazil

The Zika virus could have entered Brazil in 2013, two years before it was confirmed here and a year before previously believed, a new study claims.

Dealing With Depression: Every Case Of Suicide Is Preventable, Say Psychiatrists

New Delhi: Three patients are on a suicide watch in the psychiatric ICU of Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) in Delhi. Among them is Rajani. The 33-year-old has made three suicide attempts...
Assam Migrants Kochi

Away From Home, These Migrants Call Kerala Their ‘Mini Gulf’

KOCHI: A room that he shares with six others in Kerala's business capital Kochi is the closest thing that 20-year-old Johirul Sheikh from Assam has to a home for now. He came to Kochi...

Depression Can Set In Early, Delhi Schools Innovate For Mental Well-Being Of Children

New Delhi: One in four adolescents is known to have depression by the time they reach the age of 25, according to World Health Organisation. However, most mental health problems, though manageable, are not identified early. Mother's...
Drought-Hit Farmers India Monsoon

On Buses, Trains To Bengaluru: Drought-Hit Farmers Turned Labourers

Migration has a pattern in arid Ballari: If there is no rain for a second crop, villagers leave home for months at a stretch to work as labourers in a distant city.

One Man’s 20-Year Crusade To Bring Sanitary Napkins To Rural Women

He has been working non-stop for 20 years. He travelled by bullock carts, donkeys, bulls, phatphat to reach the most interiors parts of rural India with only one mission in mind – making sanitary...
A 'No Water' Leave From Work, As Ranchi Declares Emergency

A ‘No Water’ Leave From Work, As Ranchi Declares Emergency

For over two months now Ranchi Resident Rita Devi has missed out on work every third day.

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