Balaknama: A Turning Point In The Lives Of Children Living On The Streets

Only 14 years old, Balaknama, a newsletter curated by working children, has been able to carve out a name for itself in the publishing industry for children. The monthly newsletter– published from Delhi –...
Girl collects mica flakes

Child Workers Dying In Jharkhand Mines. Government Cracks The Whip

Authorities in Jharkhand will crackdown on "mica mafia" by starting to legalise some mica mines, a senior government official said, after a Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation revealed the cover-up of child deaths in illegal...
Woman working in sugarcane factory

Sexual Abuse Plagues Female Workers In Maharashtra’s Sugarcane Fields

Mumbai: Every year after the monsoon, Gouri Bhiwde and her husband joined tens of thousands of workers migrating to the west of Maharashtra state to cut sugarcane. Every year, Bhiwde and other female labourers...
Women working in fields in a Kerala village.

Here In Kerala, Water Once Every 12 Days

As Kerala reports very high temperatures, several districts of the state are parched, with water reaching many villages once in 12 days.
Bundelkhand Drought Water Storage

Crores Flow Down The Drain In Parched Bundelkhand

Water storage units in many villages of Madhya Pradesh's Bundelkhand region quench thirst only on paper.
vending machines

UP Bus, Railway Stations To Get Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines

Unicef, the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation and railway authorities have signed an agreement to install 250 sanitary napkin vending machines at bus and railway stations across 75 districts in the state. Agriculture Production...

Kerala’s Mid-Day Meals Are A Success. Except Teachers Are Funding Them.

Kerala is one of the best performing states in the school mid-day meal scheme, but teachers say it is they who are footing the bill, not the government.
Murshidabad’s Young Divorcees Battle Apathy And Penury

Murshidabad’s Young Divorcees Battle Apathy And Penury

In every village there are 10 to 15 women who have been divorced or driven out of their marital homes.

Vital To Food Output, Bees And Other Pollinators At Risk

Bees and other pollinators face increasing risks to their survival, threatening foods such as apples, blueberries and coffee.

This Tradition Is Forcing Rajasthan Women To Let Go Of Family Property

Chaksu, Rajasthan: Days before she was married 18 years ago, K Bina Devi and her sister were called to the living room of the family home where they lived with their parents and four...

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