Vital To Food Output, Bees And Other Pollinators At Risk

Bees and other pollinators face increasing risks to their survival, threatening foods such as apples, blueberries and coffee.

With Pistol In Pocket, He’s Ensuring UP Teachers Show Up In Schools

The young man, having skipped school, was there to plead his case, but Manoj Mishra was having none of it. When the truant offered a letter from a relative of a government minister pleading...
Rekha Rani

Haryana’s Youngest Village Chief Has A Day Job As ‘Burger Queen’

As a child, she had to walk to another village to go to school after Class 5. Now, as the elected chief, Rekha Rani wants to give her village a better school.
indoor pollution

Indoor Air Pollution Harms Pregnant Women, Their Babies

One of the major reasons for low weight among newborns in rural India is the continuous exposure of pregnant women to indoor air pollution, experts say. Indoor air pollution caused by firewood and coal used...
FACTBOX: The first dengue vaccine and fight against 'breakbone fever'

Wanted: A Live Zika Virus Sample to Make Test Kits in India

Scientists in Asia are racing to put together detection kits for the Zika virus, with China on Thursday confirming its first case, but the researchers are challenged by the lack of a crucial element...

55-Year-Old Ban On Lentil May Go, But Doubts Remain

Khesari dal was banned in 1961 because its consumption was linked to the neurological disorder lathyrism - which causes paralysis of the legs.

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