Why 12.1 Million Children With Special Needs Cannot Read Or Write

By Prachi Salve and SwagataYadavar/ At the launch of the government's Accessible India Campaign in December 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested the term "divyaang" -- which translates into "divine body" -- for persons...
Delayed MNREGA Wages Add To Distress In Drought-Hit Bundelkhand

Delayed MNREGA Wages Add To Distress In Drought-Hit Bundelkhand

Money not coming on time has also brought to an end to development work like construction of wells and the building of Panchayat Bhawan.

Despite Law, Daughters Unable To Inherit Paternal Property

Despite a 10-year-old law, the Hindu Sucession Act, ensuring equal rights for daughters in their parental property, social and cultural barriers continue to deprive women of their rights. The barriers led 28-year-old Reena of...

How Young Boys Bear The Burden Of Patriarchy In India

Mumbai: Inside a community centre at Mumbai’s Dharavi slum, Umair Khan teaches a group of young boys the difference between good and bad touch. The 20-year-old is a community organiser with Sneha - Society for...

He Suffers From Disease That Affects 1 In 4 Billion

Rupesh, 21, is living with a rare incurable disease in the village outskirts of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. Studies suggest that one in four billion births across the world have this rare genetic disorder. This rare...
FACTBOX: The first dengue vaccine and fight against 'breakbone fever'

Wanted: A Live Zika Virus Sample to Make Test Kits in India

Scientists in Asia are racing to put together detection kits for the Zika virus, with China on Thursday confirming its first case, but the researchers are challenged by the lack of a crucial element...
Armed Men Guard Water More Precious Than Gold In Madhya Pradesh

Armed Men Guard ‘Water More Precious Than Gold’ In Madhya Pradesh

In the nearby village of Dargai Khurd, only one of 17 wells has water. With temperatures hovering around 45 degrees Celsius, its 850 residents fear they may soon be left thirsty.
abandoned newborn dummy

Strangled, Smothered, Bludgeoned: Fate Of Abandoned Babies in South Delhi

New Delhi: Newborns struck on head by blunt force, some smothered, some strangled and then left to die on the road. These revelations have come after an AIIMS study of 17-year autopsy records from...

Balaknama: A Turning Point In The Lives Of Children Living On The Streets

Only 14 years old, Balaknama, a newsletter curated by working children, has been able to carve out a name for itself in the publishing industry for children. The monthly newsletter– published from Delhi –...
Assam Migrants Kochi

Away From Home, These Migrants Call Kerala Their ‘Mini Gulf’

KOCHI: A room that he shares with six others in Kerala's business capital Kochi is the closest thing that 20-year-old Johirul Sheikh from Assam has to a home for now. He came to Kochi...

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