HIV From Blood Transfusion

More Than 2,000 People Contract HIV From Blood Transfusion

More than 2,000 people contracted HIV across the country over a 17-month period after receiving blood transfusions, data from the national AIDS body shows. In response to a Right to Information request filed by Mumbai-based...

Health Concerns Cloud Women’s Retirement Plans: Report

With chronic diseases becoming more prevalent in old age, healthcare in later life has become one of the major concerns among working women.

Houses In Jharkhand Village To Be Identified By Girl Child’s Name

Tiring, a tribal-populated village in Judi panchayat in East Singhbhum district, will be the first one in Jharkhand where every dwelling unit will be identified by the name of a girl child and not...
Women working in fields in a Kerala village.

Here In Kerala, Water Once Every 12 Days

As Kerala reports very high temperatures, several districts of the state are parched, with water reaching many villages once in 12 days.
Golden Taj To Spread Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

Golden Taj To Spread Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

In India, the cure rate for childhood cancer is 30-50 per cent against 70-95 per cent in advanced countries.

How Motorcycle-Ambulances Are Saving Lives In Chhattisgarh Forests

Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh: When eight-months pregnant Sukmi's water broke she was in Ongnarpal, a village deep in the jungle of Chhattisgarh where four wheelers cannot reach and the hospital was miles away. However, help arrived...

A Man’s 20-Year Selfless Fight Against Fluorosis

He was 29 when a personal tragedy shook Kanchukutla Subhash’s world. In 1996, his father was diagnosed with Fluorosis, a disabling disease that is caused due to excess of fluoride in ground water. When...
Partnership Model Changes The Face Of Public Health Care In Arunachal

Partnership Model Changes The Face Of Public Health Care In Arunachal

Public-Private Partnership between the government and local NGOs in Arunachal Pradesh has changed the face of reproductive health in the region.

Women Use About 5,000 Euphemisms For ‘Periods’: Survey

Menstruation is a subject that is still taboo in many countries in the world, according to a major survey on the issue.

Government Spends Paltry 4% Of Its Budget On Children: Kailash Satyarthi

New Delhi: Notwithstanding the suffering of the common people, Kailash Satyarthi supports the government’s demonetisation move as it will help curb trafficking, but the Nobel laureate and child-rights crusader asserts that unless and until...

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