‘Forgive Me’, Wrote Farmer To His Wife Before Committing Suicide With Mother

Farmer Suicide With Mother Drought
The victims' family members mourn the deaths.
  • Farmer and mother consumed pesticide in drought-hit Buldhana, Maharashtra
  • He had taken a loan of 5 lakhs, couldn't repay it due to crop loss
  • Farmer is survived by 23-year-old wife, two daughters

BULDHANA, MAHARASHTRA: Mangesh Jadhav, a 30 year old farmer, and his 65 year old mother Pramila consumed pesticide and ended their lives together in their parched field in Warwad village of the drought-ravaged Buldhana district on Sunday.

The police say the two were fed up with the financial stress they were under due to a failed crop and mounting debt.

“Both Mangesh and Pramila consumed pesticide. Mangesh then jumped in the well and killed himself,” local police official, Inspector Avinash Bhamre, said.

The police also confirmed recovering a suicide note which reveals the serious financial distress the family was under. Mr Jadhav, in the note explained that his soya bean crop had failed because of the drought. Their distress was compounded by the curse of an unpaid bank loan.

The farmer and his mother consumed poison on their parched land.

“I have taken Rs 5 lakh loan from the Central Bank of India and I am unable to repay it. Because of the drought, there is no harvest and therefore I am committing suicide,” he wrote in the note.

The farmer leaves behind a 23 year old wife. She cannot stop weeping and their two daughters, just three and four years old, are still too young to understand their loss.

On the reverse of the note, Mr Jadhav has left a message for his wife, “Take care of our two children. Forgive me for leaving this world. Take care of yourself.”

In 2015, 3,228 farmers killed themselves in the state. In Marathwada alone this year, 370 farmers have ended their lives which comes to a monthly average of over 92 farmer suicides. Nearly half of Maharashtra’s villages have been officially declared to be drought-hit. Eight districts in the Marathwada region have been the worst-affected.