How Can India Tackle The Problem Of Malnutrition?

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    Satchidananda Sogala

    Malnutrition is a persistent bane in India. While the ICDS has been attempting to ameliorate for several decades, the problem is not going. There are a couple of issues here. Firstly, we do not have the correct and verifiable data about the malnourished. The available survey date is rather dated. How can we help malnourished children if the system does not have accurate and current data of suffering children! Identification of the relevant kids is the fist step. Understanding the magnitude in real numbers is the second prerequisite. Then there is the intervention planning, implementation and monitoring issues. Here also, measurement is the key. Srichid has come out with a framework for digitising the process.

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      The problem of malnutrition in kids has been there for decades and it is a problem with economic causes therefore difficult to solve. While gathering actionable data is an important step, the problem would be difficult to eliminate if the war is fought only on one front. the problem of malnutrition is also related to unemployment and lack of education. So, if the government wants to solve it, it must focus on all the three factors. It must try to make good nutrition available for poor kids from families living under the poverty line. Second, it must working on improving the rate of employment for the families under poverty line. Third, it must focus on education so as to make more and more people from under the poverty line employable. So, if you have to dig for data, you must start from families under the poverty lie We have technology at our dispense and we can use it to generate best results.

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