What should be done to encourage doctors to work in rural areas?

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    Good perks, facilities, fixed working hours, job security, travel and housing support.

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      1- Good Incentives.
      2- Better working conditions.
      3- House should be provided by government.
      4- More Medical representatives should be arranged.
      5- Security by government.
      6- Special transportation for Doctor’s should be arranged.
      7- Some special gifts or prizes to be given to the doctor’s who have done good in rural areas.
      8- Tax should be less for Doctor’s working on rural areas.
      9- Government should start a special helpline for the doctor who are working on rural areas for any sort of help for 24 hours.
      10- Government should provide clean & good chambers for doctor’s in rural areas.

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      Adarsh Bhandary

      1.It has to be made compulsory for every doctor to work in a rural area for at least 10 days in a year.

      2.Every village should have a doctor’s quarters, wherein you have good living conditions along with a facility to have good food.

      I think making it compulsory for a limited time like 10 days also provides an opportunity for the doctors to stay away from the highly populated and polluted cities where it becomes so stressful for them to travel to and fro between hospitals,clinics and house. As per a research, India has only 1 doctor for every 1681 people, which is a very disturbing data.

      3. The government has to build medical colleges in rural areas , hence bridging the gap between the doctor to patient ratio and we should also increase the base salary/stipend for doctors and medical students.

      4. Remove quota/reservation in post graduate medical courses. Basically once a person completes MBBS degree, he becomes a doctor irrespective of his caste/religion. I don’t find any logic in having reservation based on caste once a person has completed bachelors with many perks from central and state governments. Once you make these kind of decisions, the young doctors for sure will come forward to help rural healthcare improve. The doctors are so frustrated with their higher education because there are very less number of seats and they have to wait for many years to start their post graduation, and then why will they come forward to serve the rural people? Their actual earning starts at a very late age, when people from other professions already have a very good salary and post.

      We must be the change we want to be in this world. I guess it’s high time that MCI should start operating logically and remove politics/corruption from healthcare system.

      P.S : I am not a doctor

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