Will 6-month Paid Maternity Leave Stop Employers From Hiring Married Women?

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    This question will definitely be in the back of the mind of all employers. As far as I see, they would hesitate in hiring young married women, or will not offer them challenging positions. However, I admit that there are sensitive employers who respect a woman’s decision of bringing in a new life and would offer the valued talent a timely sabbatical and work-from-home options.

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      Namrata Paul

      It should not be, but yes after so many years of experience and after travelling many other cities I can say that employers can directly raise this question even at the time of interview by asking how will you manage then, we can not provide you pay leave. Or they will stop rectuiting women. I faced a couple of employers in my job life, who called me for interview to say that, we can not recruit you as u do not have kid and in future u have to take maternity leave so it will hamper our work. Now when I have a baby one of the recruiters asked me you have a very small baby, so how can you manage and excessive leave may hamper our work, hope u understand , as its the fact. Regarding career women still have to struggle a lot to be in job.

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      Shruti Sood

      This is a tough one. Although, by time, I feel corporates will understand that this is going to stay “as-is” and they will come up with some HR processes around it to make the out and in transition easier. After all, who does not want experienced minds at work! Companies with smaller-mid budget might bring few reservations around its hiring process.

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      Satish Mruthyunjaya

      I don’t think so. The companies always value talent and talent doesn’t have any gender bias.
      I run a Stock Broking company and employ many women. Commitment is most important than the gender. I know when they return from leave, they add value to the work.

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      Satish Mruthyunjaya

      I don’t think so. I run a stock broking company and employ many women employees. For me, talent is first and everything else next. I am ready let them go for some time and when they return they can add value to the company.

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