An increasing number of elderly are being abandoned by their kin.Who’s at fault?


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    Richa Taneja

    The modern competitive lifestyle with long working hours and movable jobs is taking a toll on the young Indians who struggle to find time for the family. Also, in the urban set-up, with domestic helps at disposal, they are less likely to pay close attention. That said, prioritising is the key here. While many may dismiss responsibilities, many have struck a fine balance where family, especially elderly, never feel neglected.

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      Aditya Ruhela

      in opinion apartment culture is the reason, youngster are moving away from social life , they understand complex chemistry theoritical physics and software coding but cant understand social chemistry. working people just wakes up go to work return home late night then they eat and go to sleep, they dont have time for their parents, relative, neighbours. for them social life means facebook, insta, likes, comments, changing dp and status. they know that anil kapoor got a new hairstyle, katrina is under the weather but dont know who is living in their neighborhood. in our village people know their neighbours and society, just for the sake of “log kya kahenge aisa krenge to samaj me beizatti ho jayegi” no one abandone their elder. in villages neighbors visit each other everyday and keeps an eye on each other condition no one neglect or ignore their parents in front of an relative or a known person.
      lack of social life in city apartments makes them think that parents or any elder are not that important they are not taught how to respect elders, never raise voice against them all these things can be learned in villages mohallas .

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      Santhosh Arulmarinathan

      Most times it is the elderly of the men who are left alone. Women though talking of nuclear family take care of their parents to some extent but do not allow their spouses to do the same. If we take closer look sometimes parents are also at fault wanting their children follow their life style creating conflicts among younger generation. Apart from this the current generation exploits their parents are free caregivers and then dump them. Last could be the reason of both gender being career oriented

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