In A Mumbai School, Students Raise Rs 20 Lakh For Drought-Hit Farmers

In A Mumbai School, Students Raise Rs 20 Lakh For Drought-Hit Farmers
A presentation in school on the drought in Marathwada set the ball rolling, students say.
  • Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai raises 20 lakhs in 6 months
  • Presentation on Marathwada drought was a real catalyst, says the principal
  • Money raised through fashion shows, selling T-shirts, school events

Mumbai : For 17-year-old Yaashree Himatsingka, it was a picture of a family in Maharashtra’s drought-struck countryside solemnly sitting around a tree that sparked a call to action.

“The tree was the same one from which the father, a farmer who was indebted, hanged himself just the previous night,” said Yaashree.

“We live in the same vicinity – in the sense that they are probably a few hundred miles away from Mumbai and they are suffering through this and we are so unaware of that,” she said.

It was a presentation on the drought in Marathwada that really brought home the scale of the crisis for students like Yaashree, from the Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai. Powerful pictures of parched lands, abandoned children, some younger than they are, motivated them to raise funds on their own.

In the last six months, the students have raised a little over Rs 20 lakh through school events, a fashion show, selling T- shirts and donated to drought relief in Marathwada.

“There’s not been one single ’10 lakh cheque’ that’s come but small contributions with everyone wanting to pitch in. It’s not about that one massive impact but about creating awareness and at the same time doing what you can, in your capacity,” said Tanmay Chopra, a student.

The presentation proved to be a real catalyst. “It was like it lit a spark. It got things rolling. Children are very compassionate,” Principal Meera Isaacs told NDTV.

“It’s up to us as adults to show them what is going on and the moment you do that, you see the tremendous levels of kindness and compassion,” she said.


  1. Proud of you students. These children’s are hero and role model to the so called Politicians and business leaders. Where are those leader’s, who claim themselves are servants of people!
    Unfortunately our leaders doesn’t have any vision for Agriculture, Irrigation project etc. Really so much funds are wasting these politician, if they can spend on proper vision, surely we can overcome like these situations soon.
    Pray the almighty, to have mercy on these people


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