In Drought-Hit Latur, Teen Stops Father From Suicide

In Drought-Hit Latur, Teen Stops Father From Suicide
"If nature doesn't support me, I fear that I will be letting them down," said 45-year-old Dhanraj Shinde.
  • Dhanraj Shinde has a 15 lakh debt, crop failed for third successive year
  • Delay in paperwork for daughter's job nearly pushed him over the edge
  • Mr Shinde says he needs just one good rainfall to begin repaying his loans

LATUR: Two days ago, the burden of debts was about to push 45-year-old Dhanraj Shinde over the edge. It was his 14-year-old son who saved him.

Noticing his father walking briskly towards his field, without his phone or his usual bag of tools, Prithviraj stopped. “I saw him bundling a rope and I tried to calm him down, telling him we would be left with no one to take care of us if he killed himself,” recalled the teenager, adding, “He was under immense stress.”

The crop had failed in the farmer’s 3-acre land in Latur’s Shirur Anantpal village for three consecutive years.  First, pomegranates ready for harvest were blighted by an overnight hailstorm. Then rain failed in the last two years.

Mr Shinde, a father of four daughters and a son, stayed brave as his debts mounted to Rs 15 lakh. But a local government officer’s delay in paperwork for his daughter Sonali’s job – for the post of a wireless operator – nearly broke him.

“My children have many dreams. They want to stand on their own feet. If nature doesn’t support me, I fear that I will be letting them down,” Mr Shinde said.

While in school, his daughter Archana, 26, had received the President’s medal in Sanskrit. Prithviraj, who aspires to be an IAS officer, has participated in a science Olympiad.

The other two daughters too, have remained focused on their education while others in the village dropped out of school.

Today, Mr Shinde shudders to think what would have happened if his son hadn’t stopped him.

“I thought to myself – if, after putting in all these efforts, I can’t even arrange to get the paperwork done for my daughter… my heart sank at the thought of failing,” he said, choking.

“Education is the only way forward for us,” said his daughter Sonali, 22. “There is too much uncertainty in farming and not enough returns. I want to be a Class 1 officer someday.”

Mr Shinde says he needs just one good rainfall to ensure he can start repaying his loans.  But till then, it is an uphill task every day just to ensure his children stay focused on their dreams.

If you’d like to help Dhanraj Shinde, please send cheques or demand drafts in the name of:

Name: Dhanraj Baburao Shinde
Savings Bank Account Number: 11658425072
Payee Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Shirur Anantpal
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0004799

Note: This information has been provided/published on a good faith basis, without any commercial motive. NDTV does not vouch for the authenticity of the claims made by the intending donee, nor can we guarantee that the donations made by a donor will be used for the purpose as stated by the intending donee. You are requested to independently verify the contact information and other details before making a donation. NDTV and/or its employees will not be responsible for the same.


  1. Please provide his address and phone number and rest of details I can see like bank account etc. We are here to help as much as we can.
    He has bright and brave children, and after all they are together as a family. Thats all matter.

  2. I tried to send him money, I live in US and all money transfers need address and Phone number of recipient
    What to do now? Can NDTV kindly post his address and phone number

  3. I see that you have provided bank account now. It will help. But, as you know, there are many Dhanrajs in India. I suggest NDTV makes a relief fund for them and ask people to help funding it. I am sure, people trust NDTV.

  4. Thanks for sharing account details, there are many ppl feeling pain what our farmers are going through. With this article and a/c details , i am sure many will extend their support and send monetary funds. One request is Mr.Shinde should extend any extra money he get beyond his loan from all this support to pay it forward and help other farmer friend(s) to ease on his loan pain.

  5. Can you share contact details of them? I want to help right away,
    Also can NDTV take initiative to channelize the help to them , either in form of a bank account or any thing, where we can transfer money? Is there any channel in India to send them help ?
    – All people who have posted- lets join hands to help them. Goverment has failed them, mother nature has failed them., let humanity not fail them.

  6. Csn you post contact details? phone # or bank accont? Can NDTV form a channel to help them get access to contributed money?
    To all people who have commented here- Lets join hands to help them,

  7. Everyone not just govt officials but EVERYONE should plant trees where possible so at least our children don’t have to go through this pain. Please please help plant trees don’t leave it to govt. They are just money making machines!! and yes please share the bank details. There will be help pouring in from all quarters, online.

  8. Please let us know their details, there are so many people ready to help them. They should not have to go through this alone.

  9. It is the sad stste in India. India can only survive if the green cover is increased. The loss of rainfall and pollution is mostly due to loss of green cover . Our forests and trees have been plundered and we are left with concrete jungles. The government should have green ministry. If the green increases to 40 percent then most of these issues will be solved. We do not need digital india we need agricultural india. we need green india. Agriculture is our strength..
    Hope this government will bring in green ministry which is present in many developed countries. Most of the fertile countries have green cover of more than 35%.

  10. please provide information about how your reader’s can help him . A lot of us would gladly contribute

  11. I want you all to help me give thanks to the management of Detlev Jonas Loan Company for helping me get the loan that i have been looking for it has been so many attempt but finally it came to pass and now i was able to get the loan ,if any one is out there looking for funds for any kind of business plans contact them at

  12. The irony is that a sincere farmer and his family has to suffer because of erratic climate that is probably the result of heavy industrialization!!

    • how about erratic politics and burning of standing crops of muslim community in UP any cmments on that?

  13. Dear Editor / Ketki Angre
    Could you please post some contact details of the farmer Mr Dhanraj Shinde so that I can help his children financially to the extent that I can.

    An email id or phone number will do – either of any NDTV initiative or Mr Shinde’s number.

    Thank you, Srinivas Chidambaram, New Delhi

  14. There should a common bank account dedicated to this page, where everyone can contribute and then your team delivers the amount to such people in distress. Secondly, this will also help NDTV regain the good image it used to enjoy few years back and also to stop the constant criticism it’s facing these days.

    Please start a bank account for this specific purpose. We citizens are ready to help.

  15. This family deserves support from all of us…why not start/contribute to a fund for the same. this may also dissuade others…

  16. Oh so sad state of our motherland. Please CM & PM help him. Kam se kam unko to bacha lo jo dikh rahe hain.

  17. Dear Editor,
    Can I please have the contact details of this farmer, I would like to help them.


  18. Feel so sorry for the family. sure these children will achieve something and bring happier days for parents. we can see that urge in their eyes. brave children’s… boy 🙂

    • No one can stop natural calamity but the active anti-national forces are buring fields of standing crop in UP just because they are from Muslim community. No media showing this only showing political show pieces.

  19. These tragedies needs to be stopped. Crop insurance or involvement of corporate sector can save them. Agriculture Scientists says they have already brought out methods to do three tier cultivation from same land. Plus growing of Australian teak which needs minimal water or no water can be planted around the wall of the plots giving a gap of 10 ft. After three years each tree can fetch 56000 rs per year. After 7 years the tree can be cut and it will fetch 3 to 7 lakh. These things needed to publicize properly so that insurance can be given to the agriculturist. They have a belief that politicians does not want them to become rich is the reason. Scientists personally tells that they are asked not to disclose this to the agriculturists. Time has come to get united and resist this.

    • please share some details so that we can get in touch and help him….feel very sorry for our farmers.

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