Jamshedpur Family Builds Toilet For Bride, Holds Cashless Wedding

The families of bride and groom came together to make all the arrangements cashless and also pitched in to construct the toilet at groom's house.
  • A toilet was built at the groom's house just hours before the wedding
  • All the payments for the wedding were made online or through cheques
  • The whole village came to be a part of this unique cashless wedding

Jamshedpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push for ‘Swachch Bharat’ and ‘Digital India’ is having a resounding effect across India, latest being a unique wedding ceremony in Jamshedpur.

First a toilet was built at the groom’s house, just before the marriage was solemnized and then the whole ceremony was performed in a cashless manner at a temple at Badia in East Singhbhum district.

A day before the wedding, that was scheduled for Monday, the parents of the bride Sunita from Itihasa village and groom Subhash Nayak from Badia village, came together to build the toilet for the bride.

According to Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Collector in the Chief Minister’s camp office, the construction work for the toilet began on Sunday night and was completed before the marriage was solemnized.

Mr Kumar is the brain behind making this wedding cashless. He convinced the parents on both the sides to embrace technology, make digital payments wherever possible or pay through cheques.

He said that payments for rent of the tent house and purchase of other necessary items like vegetables, groceries and jewellery were done without using any cash.

He also said that the priest’s donation and the gifts for newlyweds were presented online and through cheques.

Mr Kumar said that after the government’s demonetisation move, this cashless wedding ceremony was first-of-its-kind in the state and to witness this exceptional arrangement, the villagers came in full attendance to bless the couple.

The family and the villagers were happy to be part of this cashless movement in the country.

A joint account of the couple was also instantly opened during the wedding and an ATM card was handed over to them soon after the wedding ceremony, Mr Kumar said.

(With Inputs From PTI)