Kerala Man Who Cannot Hear Or Speak Rides Motorcycle In 3 Countries To Prove A Point

We should have equal justice and rights, says Shinan, who has speech and hearing impairment.

Coimbatore: A hearing and speech impaired man from Kerala travelled around 16,000 km in India and two neighbouring countries in 61 days on a motorcyle. His mission was to prove that people with such impairment can drive and should not be denied licences.

24-year-old Shinan PS from Thrissur began his  journey on July 30 from Kanyakumari and rode through various states and also in neigbouring Nepal and Bhutan before completing his journey on September 28 in Thrissur.

His friend Haripriya, who translated Shinan’s sign language, said that he wanted to create awareness and prove to authorities in some states who refuse to issue driving licences to his fraternity, that they were capable of driving vehicles.

Shinan got a hero’s welcome by his community on his return.

On asking whether licenses were refused because they would not be able to hear the sound of horns properly, he said they could drive by viewing vehicles in their Outside Rear View Mirrors. There was also no problem negotiating peak hour traffic, he said.

“We should have equal justice and rights,” he said.

(With Inputs From PTI)


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