Madhya Pradesh Girl Who Sheds Her Skin Every 6 Weeks Gets Free Treatment In Spain

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Due to a rare condition, 16-year-old Shalini Yadav from Madhya Pradesh sheds her skin every six weeks. According to the doctors, she suffers from Lamellar Ichthyosis, a disease which leads to a scaly skin.

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Shalini has developed large, dark, plate-like scales covering her skin on most parts of her body. According to the doctors, a patient with this disease is prone to develop infections and may suffer from an excessive loss of fluids and respiratory problems. There is also increased sensitivity to heat for such patients.

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To prevent her skin from hardening, Shalini needs to take bath every hour. She also faces difficulty in walking and cannot do so without using a stick. She was reportedly asked to leave her school since other children got scared of her looks.

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Since she comes from a humble background, her family has not been able to afford the costly treatment. When local fundraisers got to know about her condition, the word spread and Newslions, an India-based international media agency, came to her rescue. The agency is now helping her get free medical treatment from Malaga in Spain.

(Photo Credit: AFP)

Her doctor Dr Wilson told Mail Online that there is a well-established treatment for this disease.

“The condition of my daughter’s skin has started to improve. The doctors have told us that there will be 80 to 85 per cent improvement in her condition once the treatment is over,” her father Raj Bahadur Yadav told Mail Online.

According to her doctors, there has been a significant improvement in her health since she started the treatment earlier this month.


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