Maharashtra Plans To Regulate Fertilisation Clinics

maharashtra IVF
The government has asked both government-run and privately managed centres for suggestions.

MUMBAI: : The Maharashtra government has invited suggestions from both government and private In-Vitro Fertility (IVF) centres to strengthen the existing laws and regulate these establishments.

Right now, anyone can open up an Assisted Reproductive
Technology or ART IVF centre and there is no regulation on it,
state health minister Deepak Sawant said.

At present such centres are regulated under the Mumbai Nursing Home Act and Clinical Establishment Act.

“The Centre has always welcomed good suggestions from Maharashtra. The Centre has in the past adopted the PCPNDT Act
that bans pre-natal diagnostic tests,” he said.

The state government has now invited suggestions from
government-run and private IVF centres on regulating them, he said.

There needs to be regulations on establishing such clinics, the use of equipment, the IVF procedures they adopt and the guidelines to be followed for registration, the minister said. “Besides these, there also needs to be a check on the doctors and their qualifications,” the minister said.

At present, there are around 525 ART IVF centres in the state, out of which Mumbai has 120, Pune 135 and Nagpur 70.

“The government wants to ensure that the mother should be
medically certified as infertile before the couple can opt for
ART IVF procedure,” Mr Sawant said.

He said the government will also need to ensure that surrogate mothers are not exploited for monetary considerations.


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