In Mumbai’s Municipal Schools, 1 In Every 3 Children Malnourished

The rise in malnourishment figures could also be related to spike in the number of diarrhea cases, say experts.
In Mumbai’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) schools, malnutrition has increased from 8 per cent to 34 per cent in the last three years, shows a report by Praja Foundation, a non-profit organisation.

The report also reveals that affluent places like Colaba in south Mumbai are also affected by it with 29 per cent malnourished children in the BMC-run school. 

One in every three children going to BMC schools is malnourished, says the report.

“Our elected representatives are not even aware of this fact and they are not even talking about this issue and that is why we are bringing it up,” said Nitai Mehta, Founder Trustee of Praja. 

According to experts, the rise in malnourishment figures could also be related to spike in the number of diarrhoea cases in the city. 

Farida Lambay, co-founder of Pratham, told NDTV that today, the municipal corporation school has children who are at the bottom of the pyramid and the municipal corporation school is the only option they have.

Poor living conditions, lack of hygiene and drinking water exposes these children to infections. The residents of Ganesh Murti Nagar complain that their children keep falling ill.

“Our water pipe lines are laid under the gutter and the water we get at our homes is always dirty,” said Tulsi Ramakant Mane, one of the residents.

She also added that they don’t boil water as they don’t have that kind of budget and their children drink cold water during the winters too.

“Mumbai’s Govandi and Mankhurd areas have malnutrition rates worse than countries like South Sudan. It’s a shame!” added Mr Mehta.

To bring down malnutrition figures in the city, the intervention needs to get stronger. While the sources say that the Corporation is looking at the problem, there has not been much change on the ground.


  1. Is this the responsibility of the Corporation? Or State / Centre?. What are the so called non profit organisations doing? Waiting for government funds?

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