An experimental method that can kill up to 95 per cent of cancer cells in two hours may tremendously help people with inoperable or hard-to-reach tumours, as well as young children stricken with cancer, a study suggests. The newly patented...
A 9-month-old baby girl, whose parents had sought mercy killing for her, is about to get a new lease of life at a hospital in Chennai.
A month ago, 16-year-old Meera Khoya was working at construction sites to make ends meet at home. Despite clearing her class 10 exams against tremendous odds, her future looked bleak. On Tuesday, she was admitted to Nirmala College for girls...
States with higher literacy rates for woman see better indicators for women's health, IndiaSpend analysis of data from the National Family Health Survey 2013-14 reveals.
At the age of 24, Joshna Wandile and her two children were thrown out of the house she shared with her in-laws after her farmer husband hanged himself. He left a pile of debts after years of drought laid waste to his land.
Compared to vaginally born infants, those delivered by C-section showed significantly greater diversity of species in the weeks after birth.
Previous research has shown that childhood hunger contributes to a variety of other negative outcomes, including poor academic performance.
Dryness of eyes during monsoon season triggers most of the problems, including stye, doctors say.
As many as 48.1 per cent of women of reproductive age in India have anaemia, which is only slightly less than the prevalence percentages in West African nations of Guinea and Nigeria, says the Global Nutrition Report 2016. In the...
In Odisha, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, more than 35 per cent of rural households - at least one in four -- have to walk half-a-kilometer to get water, says data from Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS II), which surveyed 42,153 homes.


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