Researchers have managed to isolate and manufacture an enzyme that is found exclusively in the testes. The enzyme is found only in spermatids, cells which give rise to sperm.
India's crucial monsoon rains are expected to be above average in 2016, the weather office said on Tuesday, easing fears over farm and economic growth after two straight droughts.
A group of street children is the face of a new citizens' campaign demanding better policing and community programmes to track missing children in Tamil Nadu, where at least two children are reported missing every day. The campaign, which launched...
In the last six months, the students have raised a little over Rs 20 lakh through school events, a fashion show, selling T- shirts and donated to drought relief in Marathwada.
The data also showed that half of adults with diabetes in 2014 lived in five countries - China, India, the United States Brazil and Indonesia.
Earlier, individual farmers would go out to cities in search for work. But now, families have started migrating because of the ongoing water crisis.
Women who smoke while pregnant may harm their babies by chemically altering the DNA of the developing foetus, a major study including more than 6,000 women and children found.
An overwhelming majority of 94 per cent of the 2039 villagers who cast their votes said 'No' to having a liquor vend in the village.
CCTV footage shows a car stopping near the pavement from where one child was abducted in Chennai recently, the police says.
M Subramani died of a heart attack after receiving a bank envelope stating he owed them Rs 15 lakh.

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