There is little to be done short of replacing the 430-year-old temple's gold-plated walls - an expensive project already undertaken more than a century ago and then again in 1999.
More than 4,500 'anganwadis' out of the nearly 53,000 such centres in Gujarat do not have drinking water facility while over 5,600 of them are running without toilets, according to state government statistics.
The humble turmeric, an essential ingredient in Indian curries, may help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis, a new study has claimed.
Groups of people have been banned from gathering near water sources in the Latur district of Maharashtra after violent skirmishes between increasingly desperate residents living in an area hit by drought.
India has the world's highest number of people without access to clean water - imposing a major financial burden on people, according to a report released on Tuesday.
Overweight or obese women give birth to larger babies, says new research which could make some pregnant women think twice before reaching for that box of ice cream.
In a bid to encourage women and physically challenged people to take up transport business, the Bihar government has decided to give cent per cent tax exemption to them on purchase of commercial vehicles.
Women should empower themselves technologically and become effective as people's representatives as mere changes in the system would not suffice, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.
Female relatives, and in some cases the husband, of a pregnant woman can now be present to provide emotional support to her during child birth at public health facilities.
Twitter recently launched #Positionofstrength campaign to empower women to raise voices against any form of discrimination.

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