Reality Check Of Madhya Pradesh Schools, At Top Of National Shame List

Schools in Madhya Pradesh are woefully short on resources.

The Internet can’t agree if it was Irish poet WB Yeats who said education was lighting a fire and not filling a bucket. But for lakhs of students in Madhya Pradesh, this conundrum is thoroughly worthless.

These students go to schools where there is literally no light. In a reply to the Madhya Pradesh assembly last year, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government admitted that 70 years after independence, while the central government brags about electrifying more villages than any previous regime, there are still more than one lakh schools in the BJP-ruled state that do not have power.

Despicable scenes welcomed an NDTV team that visited the government schools in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur, Aagar-Malwa, Shyopur districts. Dilapidated buildings, leaky roofs and dingy rooms see dozens of eager students huddled on mats in front a patchy chalkboard flanked by a single teacher. Computer rooms and laboratories lie locked up and gathering dust.

Buildings of many schools in Madhya Pradesh need urgent repair.

There are more than 17,000 schools in Madhya Pradesh that have only one teacher. Accounting for one-sixth of “single-teacher” schools in India, the state tops a disgraceful list, showed a report tabled in the parliament last year. More than 50,000 teaching positions are still lying vacant across the state.

Amna Sultan, a primary teacher from Ukawata village, said, “I am posted here as Urdu teacher. But since we don’t have as many teachers, I have to teach English and Hindi also. We don’t have anyone for maths and science. We don’t have electricity, so we can’t operate computers.”

Manoj Sagar, an assistant teacher at the Bijanagri Secondary School, said, “We don’t have electricity for the past four-five years. We have written letters to authorities but nothing has been done so far.”

Due to lack of electricity, computers lie unused in Madhya Pradesh schools.

The students said they cannot study properly. Most have never seen computers in school. Despite the state government advertising its ‘Headstart’ programme launched in 2003 to prioritise computer education, students are yet to learn the basics of computers because of the lack of electricity.

To counter the dearth of regular teachers, the state government used to fill the gap by recruiting guest teachers but in this academic session even that system has been put on hold.

Madhya Pradesh education minister Vijay Shah said the state government will take a decision regarding the recruitment of guest teachers by October – six months into the ongoing academic year. “There are around 1.5 lakh schools, we have limited resources,” he said.


  1. This situation not only prevail in schools it is prevalent in colleges also from where graduation is served as a base for government jobs even in the courses like doctors n extension related courses.I am one of those student who are struggling for basic necessity,teachers,laboratory etc but situations wil not came.

  2. Most of the government schools in India are ill equipped… but the state governments get away… grabbing of funds by ruling party netas which are earmarked for government schools… All cMs .. be it Jayalalitha, Shivraj Chavan, Siddaramaya … all belonging to different political parties are interested in lootingonly … no rural development.

  3. This situation not only prevail in schools it is prevalent in colleges also from where graduation is served as a base for government jobs even in the courses like doctors n extension related courses.I am one of those student who are struggling for basic necessity,teachers,laboratory etc but situations wil not came.Most of the time we talked to the PS but our honourable CM has that grip in the system that they hardly allow anyone to change that situation.He is not intended to change these situations he only works to fulfil their accounts .Central government passes 4crore for fishery development in MP but this government used to utilise al this money not in fishery development but for their development not only this they are not providing jobs to the fishery bachelors they are giving fishery departments jobs to the BSc graduates.They have justified reason for this saying that “Bsc wale Kya karenge agar unhe ye job nhi di to ” wow sir nice thoughts 👍👍👏.Solute you for being such a wonderful representative 👍👍

  4. Government Education System is a piteous victim of apathy and lack of initiative. Its amazing that from these system political leaders come out and rule this country. And they never seem to look back. This happens in almost all schools more or less in all states of India. Teachers before getting Jobs work very hard but forget the same after getting the job. How to blame them when they are busy in never-ending series of surveys, mid-day meal job, election jobs …..and so forth. The Little time they get….they spend for themselves rather than their young pupils. This way we are dreaming ( or rather projected to dream via Ads…!!) that we are going to make the nation great……How foolish we are..

  5. In the last Assembly election Shree Shree Modi ji said, MP was a bimaaru state now a developed one!! Where is its developments?

  6. I am sure Bhakts would blame even this one on Gandhi nehru or may b on Kejriwal too! This is the situation in a state whose CM was prominent candidate for PM’s position on the plank of Development. It turns out that all ‘development’ was creation of Bhkat channels and journos. I am certain that when it comes to appointing teachers all kinds of idiots with forged degrees or passed out from cheating-heaven-schools of MP would be appointed. And yes for that also they will need to grease the palms of right people in state. Luchhe Din aa Gaye.

  7. Budget is not enough for our corrupted CM, MP’s and MLA’s. Next time while doing Budget please include some additional money for truly investing on these infrastructure. First let all these scavengers get their stomach filled. Then only they will throw some bits and pieces to public. They don’t no what is Service, they are expert in Commission only. Only when India get next Kamarajar, these shits will be wiped off. Else Rich will get richer and poor will become poorer.

  8. its by design, labour class is needed to build and work for the Saheb’s and Memsaheb’s. I think Shivraj ji is in his third term, if you cant change things in 10-15 years then its proved you do not have the intention. If you check further you’ll find schools without electricity have a computer lab and maybe even computers bought and transacted on papers and someone made money.If you dig further maybe you’ll find that contracts were awarded and transactions took place for these pathetic structures the govt. says are schools and again someone made money.

  9. These schools are not meant to educate future citizens of India but to keep them as a status quo vote bank and incite them against pakistan. As long as brahmins have control, no worries abouy development of the rest of india. If brahmins are educated, country is prosperous.

  10. People of Madhya pardesh should defeat Bjp for such lack of electricity. I had high regards for Shiv raj Chouhan, but now I know this guy is not working for better education in Madhya Pardesh.

    • Blame your chief minister and previous governments, not Modi. Modi is not a superman., if he is supposed to be superman then why have so many people., he alone can do all jobs.

  11. Indians volunteer by going in international countries and teach, every year many foreigners go and teach in other countries. There should be an initiative taken to create awareness and attract volunteers to such places. Solar energy locally created can be a good answer to the electricity chaos. Instead of complaining to government and waiting for Netas to visit places and solve issues local people need to take initiatives to increase the education values as well as to find different means of producing energy. Else these articles will keep appearing and one or two villages might find solution but this issues will keep prevailing as an never ending affair

  12. The amount of money Sivraj govt spent on unnecessary advertisements to shout on so called great work of govt. can give these schools complete makeover.
    Pathetic show by state govt.

  13. I think things like these will come to light always. However the question to ask is: If and when neglect is found by someone in some department or area and conveyed to the govt-> then does the govt fix it or atleast try to fix it in some sense if the issue of neglect is bigger then we are good. If we expect that in one day all of neglect and issues will be gone then what were we smoking, that the question we should ask ourselves.

  14. Education, poverty, malnutrition, criminalization and other such secondary things will be addressed by the govt once the primary agenda of Hindutva is finished. BJP might be a little bit better than Congress party, but is it enough for India?

  15. situation is same in my state. MP is a bigger state so may be the no of such schools is more than my state. but i think situation is same all over india. its pathetic. and thats exactly why middle class and rich people send their kids to private schools. otherwise there wont be any need of private schools in India. If delhi govt. schools are so good then why there are so many private schools there?

  16. India needs to develop fast to make indigenous solar panels very cost effectively, rather than importing it and also focus on research in concentrated photovoltaics where with small solar panel but using solar concentrator and cooling arrangement (waste heat collection) that will produce electricity and hot water. Then every school can have electricity. If solar technology in India has to depend on importation it will be difficult to do that. Moreover, making solar panels in India would create a large number of jobs and boost economy much more rapidly than promoting solar power through importation. With modern day technology it is not so difficult to make it. It needs a plant with clean room. This should be set up somewhere in villages where air is not polluted by industrial emission and where cooking is done by natural gas rather than burning coal, wood or cow dung.

    • Read the article properly.
      There are 50,000 vacant positions means jobs are there but government is not filling it.
      India will become successfully only when India government will start filling Lakh+ of vacant position.
      Modi government always states that we will generate lot of jobs but what about giving them 🙂

  17. This is a very sad state. How can the future citizens of India bloom forth under such dire conditions and they are not a few but in millions in number. Will the responsible authorities wake up and do something about this situation. It is also so sad that the well to do people would not come forward and adopt a school. Instead they will keep amassing more wealth for themselves!!!

    • Hi Narayan,

      Why do you think well to do people should come forward and adopt schools? Aren’t they paying taxes to the Government?
      Get in touch with any CA and ask how much minimum tax Government is collecting from the people who has minimum Income of 10 Lac/pa(well to do people).

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