Now Look What You’ve Done. Meera, 16, Can Quit Work To Stay In School

Meera Khoya Jharkhand NDTV Class 10 Exams Results
Meera had enrolled herself at a private school so she could balance work and studies.
  • Jharkhand teen cleared Class 10 despite working on a construction site
  • Rs. 2.8 lakh contribution means she can quit job, attend school full time
  • Hope she can attend college and do what she wants to, says her mother

Ranchi: Till two days ago, a family in Jharkhand whose three children all work to help make ends meet had Rs 1,000 in the bank. Today, they have 2.8 lakhs. users from across the country gave generously after reading about Meera Khoya, 16, who cleared her Class 10 exams, but was unsure of whether she could afford to remain a student.

Since she turned eight, Meera has worked on construction sites, carrying bricks on her head, earning, on a good day, about Rs 200. Her work meant that she could attend a small private school only on alternate days. Now, that has changed.

“I want to thank everyone with folded hands,” said Meera, sitting outside her family’s small hut, as curious villagers surround her. “I hope with this money I can concentrate on my studies more and I don’t have to work so much anymore. I will certainly pay more attention to my studies. You please come back and check,” she guarantees, adding that she will quit her job to attend school full time.

Meera’s father died a few years ago; her mother takes whatever work she can get; the teen and her younger sister combine schooling with construction work. Their brother teaches football to help put himself through college.

“I hope she can study right up to college and decide what she wants to do. If she can lift us out of our poverty, it will be good for us all ,” said Meera’s mother Pahalo Khoya. She has agreed that the crowd-sourced funds for Meera will be kept in a separate bank account to pay only for her education and not household expenses.

Meera’s ambition to someday work as a police officer seemed a little bit of wishful thinking till this week. She says she’s now confident that she can give it a real shot.



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