Obsessed About Having Son, Mother Allegedly Stabbed Baby Girl 17 Times

Police accused Neha Goyal, 35, of slitting her baby's throat with a kitchen knife.

Jaipur: On August 26, Neha Goyal suddenly screamed that her baby girl was missing, plunging the household of 13 in Jaipur into a state of panic.

The four-month-old was found inside an unused air-conditioner, motionless and covered in a blanket. Baby Mahika was dead, a hospital confirmed.

Hours later, the police would accuse Neha Goyal, 35, of slitting her baby’s throat with a kitchen knife. The tiny body had 17 stab wounds.

Neha, the mother of an eight-year-old daughter, was arrested on Thursday.

The police said faced with incriminating evidence, she admitted that she was upset about having a second daughter.

She reportedly said that in her desperation for a son, she considered IVF and surrogacy and even performed elaborate pujas. In the wealthy family of successful grain merchants, every option was within reach.

When Neha raised an alarm that her baby was missing, the entire family searched for nearly two hours.

After the baby’s body was found, the police, suspecting an inside job, locked up Neha’s bedroom and bathroom and also took samples of everyone in the family for forensic tests.

The blood on the baby matched that of her mother. Blood was also found in Neha’s bathroom, which had signs that it had been cleaned up.

Neha’s husband told the police he was shocked and had no idea that his wife could commit such an act.

“A knife was used to kill the baby, who had 17 injury marks on her body. The knife was been recovered at the instance of the accused,” said Jaipur police officer Angshuman Bhomia.

Stunned neighbours said they could not believe the extent of regressive thinking behind the crime in such an affluent and educated family.

“She had done pujas for a baby boy, we have interrogated the priests who did these pujas for her…she was very upset that she had a baby girl. This was planned murder,” said Mr Bhomia.


  1. when the scriptures say that you need a son to do the last rites and carry the family name and certain blessings like suputra praapti rastu etc , this is what you end up with.

    Its high time some authorities sat round a table and re jigged our shastras etc as a starter
    there is a lot more to do caste cloud region you name it.

  2. I have seen such a case where a man adopted an abondened girl child when he himself had 7 daughters. Education or money is not proofs of good heart and feelings. Shame on this woman. We can’t call her mother. She should get life imprisionment till her last breath if her rich in laws don’t buy justice for her by giving false proofs of her meantal health.

  3. It looks more like family pressure to have a boy child that drove the mother to commit such a crime. It is a known fact still in this so called mordenized that a boy child is preferred over a girl.

  4. shame on you stupid woman …what kind of mother you are. Absolutely pathetic upbringing by her parents… She should not only be hanged , before hanging her the kind od treatment and pain she gave to her child even the same action should be taken against her…no mercy at all. My suggestion is , even slit her throat into pieces and treat the street dogs and stab her body into 17 pieces then hang her…please.. absolutely insane such mothers.. ULTIMATE SHAME.

  5. It is amazing how judgemental Indians are and always were!!! Everyone thinks he or she is : a perfect man/woman, qualified enough to decide the fate of a lady and willing to pronounce judgment. If the lady in question has done a crime, the law will take its own course – we need not get too excited. As a civilized society, we should try and understand what is it that is causing events like this to happen and what we, as common citizens can do, to stop them. It is foolish and simplistic to pronounce how this unfortunate mother should be punished, how much she will suffer or what kind of a woman she is. It is quite evident though that a girl child faces hostility not only from misguided men but also from women. Women steeped in prejudices – who feel incomplete without a boy in the family and women who do not shrink from criticising another lady who does not beget a boy child. Unless this changes, none of the PV Sindhus or Sakshi Maliks can make a difference.

  6. OH very sad news.
    Jabir ibn Abdullah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever has three daughters and he cares for them, he is merciful to them, and he clothes them, then Paradise is certainly required for him.” It was said, “O Messenger of Allah, what if he has only two?” The Prophet said, “Even two.” Some people thought that if they had said to him one, the Prophet would have said even one.

    Source: Musnad Ahmad 13835

    Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Mundhiri

  7. Persons who are biased for baby child should thank god for at least getting gift of being parent.
    They should feel the pain of couples who are unable to be a parent despite all possible humanly efforts; for them a child either girl or boy is biggest gift they can have.

  8. This is a heinous crime and she should be punished, but I am thinking what kind of stress and social pressure she must have faced from her family members to lead a mother to think that its better to kill her daughter rather than let her her live and grow up dying everyday in a family that hates her. I think more than the mother its the family that should be ostracised and pay for their crime.

  9. ANGER… EMOTION, Nothing works, Her fate was to be in Jail for life. She might be in Post delivery Blue… not favoring but nothing to as developed or undeveloped country.Tejas you are right
    A complete waste of education and knowledge for mother.

  10. Disgusting. Now she must be pushed up the gallows. Why her mother did not do that what she did now to her daughter. These male child crazy idiots don’t realise that Indian society has gone to dogs because of these so wanted male children ONLY.

  11. This is not a normal crime. This woman should be pardoned by Law. Let her repent for her action lifelong. Let her relive the time she inflicted injuries to her own child and killed her. She would have seen how the baby cried with pain, not knowing that the hand that should cuddle her was stabbing her. That would be the greatest punishment for her.

  12. I wish she donated her …there are mother’s who know how precious babies are. ..god please bless such mothers why such mothers keep waiting and weeping …

  13. She in all likelihood has severe POST-PARTUM DEPRESSION/PSYCHOSIS, coupled with an unsavoury environment around her resulted in this grave tragedy. All post-partum should be meticulously screened for depression.

  14. #NoGendercide (Book for awareness)

    Even GOD Won’t Dare to Ask Me

    In India, China, and many other parts of the world, girl babies are being killed, aborted and abandoned simply for being girls. According to the United Nations, 200 million girls are estimated to be missing around the world because of this ‘gendercide’. This book is dedicated to all the aborted, neglected, and deserted victims of the gendercide practice.

  15. Mother seems suffering from maternal post delivery depression. She needs ton understood, treated. It is easy to blame no mother can kill her child unless mentally ill.

  16. Sad to see women killing their own daughters, mothers refusing daughters either emotionally or physically and even other women outcasting or even physically harming woman carrying female foetus. This kind of in depth rejection of women takes centuries of work to bring equal status with men in our country.

  17. Heart shudders imagining the horrible pain the innocent baby must have gone through before her last breath, and that too at those very hands that should have been her safest heaven on this earth!
    Momentary loss of reason is mighty enough to play havoc with our lives, and has the potential to afflict anyone of us, anywhere and anytime.

  18. OMG…Simply unbelievable. She must be going through daily tortures from her in-laws which must be thoroughly investigated. A complete waste of education and knowledge for mother.

  19. SICKNESS has spread deep in the psyche of the sick nation , doomed to be uncivilized and backward.
    Hinduism has left with rituals and statues and taken away the conscience of humanity. this is another version of deep ignorance that has penetrated deep into all strata. Science and college education cannot remove these garbage. hard drive needs to be reformatted or replaced. BACKWARDNESS has outstripped African tribes. After raja rammohan roy hardly any social reformer has born in India. so garbage has grown and outstripped.

  20. Neha and woman like her who are forced to commit such heinous crimes are just puppets. The actual murderers are the fanatically patriarchal society. So her husband and his family as well as society is the real killers. Her husband’s protestation , disbelief and innocence fools no one. If affaluent “educated” Indians do than one dread to think the treatment of females in poor ill-educated households. Indian needs “swacch mano (mind)” mission, where society needs to be purged of such wicke backward beliefs.

  21. And we are busy accusing doctors for sex determination and sex selective abortions. This male maniac society is a social problem, only doctors can not be held responsible. Obviously such problems infiltrate on each strata of society including doctors….. Save girl child!!!!! Save doctors!!!!

  22. If the same crime was done by a man, there would have been darna and 100 comments. Please India wake up. Crimes are done by both gender. It is done by people with no moral values or humanity. Women wants equality in all the fields, but when they do crime they come out easily. Our legal system is biased which will always think men taking dowry is a crime but making honest husbands to go through court hearings and pay huge alimony to satisfy greedy needs of certain individuals in not a crime. Please understand every rule should be made gender neutral.

  23. A mother will never resort to such actions. In all likelihood it’s got to be father or mother-in-law. Typically it’s mother in laws who are in forefront in demanding a boy child.

  24. what the hell is going on in India?what is wrong with people killing their own children and women and specially baby girls.it is all because the people think that boys are better then girls.stupid superstitions which no basis in any religion.damn stupid people.this made me so angry….

  25. Can’t comment on this……My heart crying for baby…
    She should have donated her baby to some NGOs or persons who want to adapt.

    • Real question to this lady is- What if her mother killed this lady when she was born many years back? A woman is alive today because her parents gave her life. So manav dharma says you also should protect your child.

  26. Mother attempting to kill her own child just because she happened to be a girl like her. Recently another refused to accept her new born child, here again because the baby happened to be a girl like her. In another publicised incidence from a different part of the country women relatives threw acid on a pregnant mother just because a horoscope reader predicted a baby girl. All of these gruesome acts were committed by women is the most saddest part in country where female foeticide is big business. Progress of the country could only be measured when that country respects equal opportunities to women.

    • Or else we will have no girls since changes in the present law will not let the girl child to be born…. changes in the outlook is what is required and not the law Mr. Sharma…….n I am surprised that people and that to educated ones are more backward then the ones who really we think are backward…..

  27. If we want to save life of new born babies then certain changes should be made in the sex determination law.In cases where the couple has a girl child as first child then sex determination should be allowed for second child else we will end up either in increasing our population,or increasing the number of girls and with that will come all social evils against girls.

  28. It is nothing wrong to have any desire..But in this case obsession for a son and not being able to take up the disappointment gracefully has lead to such an heinous crime of killing her own daughter …
    Have seen that in some cases more than the men in the family… women are too much obsessed with having a son ..
    They think it is more prestigious to have a son and that they are failures from the motherhood angle if they dont give birth a son
    And call it as misfortune fate or luck they dont give birth to a son even after six or seven daughters .
    They keep cursing those daughters whom they had given birth in want of a son .Poor daughters it is not their fault at all .,and spend their entire lives in misery without mothers real love.
    Some of these mothers seem to need a professional counselling to have a more loving heart to treat daughters lovingly ..and to take it easy in case they dont have sons .
    In short in some cases women dont need other enemies because these cruel women are their own worst enemies

  29. As a proud father of a daughter, I must say that this is a shocking and condemning act. Least expected a mother to do this. My prayers for the baby to be born again as a girl to some happy and loving parents.


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