Family Planning Not Limited To Control Of Birth

This month is special for children in India since it marks the first year of the new development framework, the Sustainable Development Goals. The new...

‘Stand Up India’ For Adolescent Wellbeing

India has demonstrated very strong leadership in positioning adolescent health as a priority in the recent past. Considering India is home to 253 million...

Time To End Shame Around Abortion

A childhood friend recently told me that she had an abortion after her second baby, over 25 years ago. All these years, a sense...

Combating Diarrhoea In India — The Smart Way

Significant progress has been made in India's struggle for improved public health - we eradicated polio, controlled maternal and neonatal tetanus, introduced a number...
Child Marriage

The Young Rise Against Child Marriage in Bihar

The latest Census report says that nearly one in every three married women in India were married off below the legal age of 18...
Malaria India Children Malaria-Free Future

Let’s Give Our Children A Malaria-Free Future

  Two months ago, our government announced a groundbreaking commitment to end malaria in India by 2030. Like the famed effort to eradicate polio, ending...
International Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week Perinatal Depression

Why Perinatal Depression Is A Serious Problem

Madhya Pradesh has become the first state where screening for perinatal depression is possible as a part of its public ante-natal program.

I Am 19, HIV Positive, And Refuse To Conceal My Name

They told me that two sets of parents of (women) students have removed their children from the hostel because I stay there.
MoC Between Women Child Development Ministry Gates Foundation

Empowering Women With Choices In Family Planning

From April this year, injectable contraceptives will be available in district hospitals across India. At the recently held International Conference on Family Planning in Bali,...

India’s Newborns And Their Mothers Need This

The year 2016 holds special significance for children in India since this is the first year of the new development framework- Sustainable Development Goals....

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