Boy Who Made Samosas Cracks IIT, Wants To Be Scientist Like Abdul Kalam

Mohan Abhyas' family has an annual income of Rs 1 lakh, but his parents say for them, education is a priority.

Hyderabad: Till recently, 17-year-old Vabilisetti Mohan Abhyas helped his mother make spicy hot Irani samosas at their humble home in Hyderabad. His father would then go out and sell the samosas on the streets. Now Mohan Abhyas hopes to go to IIT Bombay, after having bagged the 64th rank in the all-India engineering entrance exam JEE. His aim: Becoming a scientist like his hero, former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

Abhyas managed to put in 10 hours of study every day. At his two-room home in Kukatpally area of Hyderabad it wasn’t always possible, with his parents, grandmother and also sister being busy with the family activity of making savouries for sale. So he sought permission from his school and junior college to stay on after study hours, so he could focus on his books.

“I want to become a scientist in the future and help my parents settle down and make them happy,” says the young man, adding, “samosa making is difficult work. Why should we take that much pressure?”

The family’s annual income rarely goes beyond Rs 1 lakh. But Abhyas’s parents say for them, education is a priority. Father Subba Rao had dropped out of school after Class 11. His mother Surya Kala, her father-in-law says proudly, is a BA gold medalist in Telugu.

Mohan Abhyas hopes to go to IIT Bombay, after having bagged the 64th rank in the all-India engineering entrance exam JEE.

From a small village in Bhimavaram, the family moved to Hyderabad 13 years ago, so they could give an education to their son and daughter.

Their perseverance has paid off. Abhyas came 6th in the mains – the exam that’s the gateway to the Advanced JEE, the final stage. His performance has ensured that he receives a place in one of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology.

Abhyas, though, confessed to a twinge of disappointment about his results. He expected a rank under 50, if not under 20. “Initially, I was a bit disappointed, but now I feel satisfied with my performance,” he said.

He has also topped the Andhra Pradesh Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test and came fifth in the state’s common entrance test for engineering and Medical courses.

Surya Kala says she allowed her son to make his choices. “I used to tell him not to study too hard. I never said you must achieve,” she said.

Abhyas has made his choice.  “I want to become a scientist, join IIT Bombay and I want to make my parents happy,” he said.


  1. Dear Abhyas, Keep it up. you will definitely become another Scientist like our beloved Dr. Kalam. Please do remember after coming out of the IITs very few stay and work for our country, many of them go abroad. Please serve our country and you are required for our nation. Take care and All the Very Best.

  2. Absolutely Brilliant!! Hats off to your hard work and perseverance! May you have a brilliant future ahead! All the very best.

  3. This is so good! Merit above all, there may be flaws in the IIT JEE system but it does push merit to a path to achieve success and stability in life. It does not matter what section of the society you are from so long you can perform at the 3 – 3 hour exams! Inspirational as it was 25 years ago when I took JEE and remains today

  4. Great Job NDTV to report this news. Ofcourse Abhyas Congratulations. Great Job and you are inspiration to many other children poor or rich.


  5. Congradulations to you/ parents/ Sisters… all who have helped in acheiving this. I wish you the best in doing great in your studies/ profession and be greatful to your family always.

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