School Girls Force A Liquor Shop To Shut In Kerala

"Who wants a liquor shop? We want to study and go home safely" was the protest song of the girls from Holy Angels School.

Thiruvananthapuram: Displaying true girl power, around 100 school girls forced a government liquor outlet to shut shop in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram. “Who wants a liquor shop? We want to study and go home safely”, was one of the protest songs they sang 50 metres away from the rear entry gate of their school, where the liquor shop had opened.

“It is unsafe to open a liquor outlet right next to our school. Moreover, this is a girl’s school. Why should we have to cross a liquor shop when we walk to our school or home? It’s about our safety,” Alshama, one of the students studying in class XI of Holy Angels told NDTV.

According to the existing rules, no liquor or narcotic substances should be sold within 150 meters around the school premises. However, the liquor shop near Holy Angels School was within 50 meters of the school’s rear gate. There are two other schools in the city that have liquor outlets within 50 metres. One of them is a nursery school.

The protest was called off after Excise Minister T P Ramakrishnan intervened.

“We are raising our voice for the children of this country. It’s our duty to stand up against illegal practices,” said Nandita B Krishnan, one of protesting teenagers from Holy Angels.

Despite their protest on Thursday, the liquor outlet opened in the evening. “I am really worried about the future of my children, but I am glad they have decided to protest against this evil,” Principal G Susy told NDTV while overseeing the protests.

The protest was called off by Friday noon after Excise Minister T P Ramakrishnan intervened and assured the protesters that the liquor outlet will not be allowed to open near the school.