Sold, Raped, Injected With Hormones. Now Free, She Wants Her Sons Back

Kidnapped at 12, the child trafficking survivor was sold to nine different men.
  • Kidnapped at 12, the child trafficking survivor was sold to nine men
  • She was also separated from two of her sons
  • Last month, she managed to escape her kidnappers, now lives with mother

New Delhi: She was 12 when she went to a crowded market, not far from her home in the old quarters of Delhi, to buy some staples and suddenly blacked out after being forced to sniff something.

She woke up in hell.

“There was a room full of girls, some younger, some older… Some were crying, some unconscious… I was told I am in Ambala and will be sold off,” she says, now 22, her skin a grisly canvas of scars, burn marks, bite wounds, injections and other marks of torture.

What followed were 10 years of unspeakable horror involving drugs, rape and abuse. She also had two children, who were separated from her.

Her eyes fill up with tears at the memories as she shares her story with NDTV, back in her childhood home with her mother.
Her eyes fill up with tears at the memories as she shares her story with NDTV, back in her childhood home with her mother.

She was sold to nine different people for amounts from Rs 15,000 to 20,000. She was drugged and even injected with hormones.

“I used to open my eyes and find myself in a different place,” she says, fiddling with her dupatta, her eyes filling up at the memories as she shares her story with NDTV, back in her childhood home with her mother. She has eight sisters who, tragically, appear to have detached themselves from her.

Last month, she managed to escape her kidnappers – a gang of child traffickers – with the help of a bar dancer, and was reunited with her mother after a decade.

“They beat me and made me work in the fields all day without food. At night, the food I was given was drugged and then they raped me,” said the woman.

In 2009, three years after she was kidnapped, she was sold to a 66-year-old man in exchange for gold. They were married in a Gurudwara; she was injected with hormones so she could look older than her 15 years.

Within a year, she had her first child, a boy. Two years later, she had another son. Both were snatched away from her.

“The old man died after two years. His brothers and their sons would rape me every night. His sister kept one of my sons and sold me to someone along with my younger one. I was asked to work in the fields and people’s homes all day, my body would give up and I started falling ill, so they sold me again.”

Today, all she wants is her children back. “I lost my childhood, missed my mother and siblings…I don’t want my children to suffer the same way,” she wept.

Her testimony led to the arrest of most of the men who kidnapped, assaulted and sold her. But the family of her husband is missing along with her sons.

At least a dozen gangs of traffickers operate in Delhi, say the police, and their web spreads to Punjab, Gujarat and West Bengal.

As many as 22 children go missing every day from the roads of the capital. More than half are girls between 8 and 15 years. According to the Delhi Police, 2,683 children were reported missing in the last year.

One woman managed to escape but many more remain trapped in this horror.


  1. What has become of our world? It’s like were seeing what’s happening around us but were not actually seeing it because of the devils distractions. Our emotions are numb and our eyes our becoming more blind by the moment. They used to call Las Vegas the land of the sin but now that line applies to our world. The world below heaven and above hell is now the land of the sin. No one actually wants to do anything because what is one voice going to do for nation it cant change anything. We have eight year olds in foreign countries being sold for sex.This is all wrong, but no one says anything everyone goes about their day only looking out for themselves. One line that I keep hearing from all these people is “Just let them do what they want with their life, it won’t affect me.” We are becoming more shattered by the moment. What happened to “one nation under God?” It’s more like one individual under the devil… The world is becoming more distraught than ever we…

  2. Very old issue of human society,good short documentary ,everyone should think where our society and it’s inhabitants are moving towards…everyone is responsible and everyone should think about one another and not only government and it’s departments.GOOD INITIATIVE MISS SONAL☺

  3. Very Sad . Now it is time for the Delhi govt to implement some real serious measures in the state against child trafficking

  4. No words to say on such pathetic reality with kidnapped girl child. How can we say that we are living in democratic country. In my view, Police and local administration is responsible entirely.

  5. Inhumans without a conscience. Sad to learn about a similar incident of a girl from Amravati, Maharashtra. Having topped standard 10th board exam in Amravati district, this girl moved to her relative’s house for further studies, from where she was kidnapped and sold at 70k. While the media is busy all in politics, and vice a versa, such barbaric acts continue to shake the very identity of ‘humans’ of the 21st century.

  6. It’s just to sad on reading this article, God, please create more Human Beings for this society. Delhi please wake up for.your females. It’s becoming shame to all of us, when a women is disrespected in any kind… Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata
    Divinity dwels where women are worshipped.

  7. Why government is telling beti bacaho,so that child traffickers can do business? Is it not ruthless 66 yr old man married to a girl of his grand daughters age. We r becoming moderns N our thinking has changed N is d’s type of chng do we want????
    Plz save girls from d’s horrible world.. Men plz don’t show ur urge towards small girls N if u r having think at ur daughter or grand daughter if d sm happens with dm cab u tolerate eek? ??????

  8. This is barbaric.what our police government is doing to save childhood of small girls N government is telling beti bacaho,y so that child traffickers can earn😈😈. Is people of India is becoming so heartless that 66 year old man is marrying a girl of his own grand daughter age.very horrible… people plz wake up N save these girls if u happen to see…plz save girls N their childhoodddd

  9. Hi sister be brave.but u must fight for other girls in our COUNTRY.govt police parents even D shop keeper all must be alert and awaken our Indian people to be careful.t his must not be repeated again.the rouges must be punished N other must be our COUNTRY it’s rare.any how be HAPPY with present.

  10. This is a problem all over the world. This is a very sad story of this young woman. Having being sold her childhood, teenage years and early adult hood would leave her emotionally beaten for life. She needs counseling and support from her family and friends constantly. She has fought bravely to come out for her misery. I hope she will do well in life. Also people should treat children, women and even men as human beings who have feelings and emotions instead of entertainment commodities. We need to stop child abuse and scaring our future generation. Protect them and severely punish the ones commuting such crimes.

  11. A dirty room is full of cockroaches. Removing(killing/punishment) them wouldn’t nip them at the bud. It’s the natural environment that the room has set as their breeding ground.

    A clean , well maintained room may’ve roaches but hardly a few. Societies, Socio economic conditions of demand creates such a supply. That phase where inner flushing would work and education would be given prime importance is not the solution here. External reforms, better infrastructure for monitoring and technology can scale and help to curb such incidences. This is just one perspective.

  12. She need to be rehabilitated n her future to be secured financially.She suffered life time of suffering in her childhood .NDTV just publishing this story n making business is not correct.You made good business by publishing her suffering so u need to share profit of this to her ,at least start some genuine campaign where ppl can contribute.

  13. I want to help this lady, She has only seen suffering in her life,now that she is rescued she deserves some happiness,Well, I can only pray she gets her son back .NDTV u sold her story in NDTVyour website to make business,but did you help her in any which way???
    I want you to start a campaign to help her financially to secure her future. I am sure no one from her family will try to help her. There many ppl including myself who would like to contribute to this cause but only want to make sure money goes for her well being.

  14. Why no body appreciate saria Law should implemen in our country… Saria law is not only for Muslim country. It effective n good law should be implement.

  15. No trollers here…Bzy spreading hatred somewhere else…!!! hahaha…
    talk about Cow and a million paid mongers will jump in…this of no interest….shame…

  16. The only way it can stop is if we as a society simply don’t take it lying down. We as a society must make it a priority point to force government to act on. The awareness of this evil must be raised and a zero tolerance attitude must be cultivated in the society. Social media, protests, petitions, whatever, this must become top agenda and must be number one point of any political manifesto. All other things come after this. Right to live and right to dignity is way above all other points. Need to shake the seats of politicians and force them to take action. Time to wake up.

  17. Very sad story. Hope, the preparators get very high punishment. But, NDTV reporter looks so dramatic in the picture even movie actresses cant do. Fake and NDTV.. Always go hand-in-hand.

  18. This is status of girl child in one of the richest countries in the world. Shame on our politicians, shame on all of us who elected those politicians! What I don’t understand is they are talking about making India a super power!! Shameless class of people. My heart cries for those daughters of India.

  19. Horrifying, Very Sad for her and all those who are having terrible life. Where we are heading? WE WONT NEED DIGITAL INDIA
    Save INDIA From Adulteration (Even Milk is not free from Adulteration), Kidnappers, Child Traffickers, Sex Traders
    2683 – Children Missing from Delhi roads, What about Children from other locations – THIS IS ONE FORM OF TERROR –
    Government Need to debate this in Parliament – 2683 ONLY FROM DELHI

  20. This is really tragic; there are no words to express. We all are to blame for this. Punjab and Haryana are the states with very less female percentage. The rich and middle-class guys always find someone to marry. But the poor don’t find any female and they turn to UP, MP, Bihar, WB, Jharkhand for females. Marriages are out of question, who will give her daughter/sister to an unknown person; so they turn to traffickers. It is a failure of our social system. We all are to blame for this.

  21. Why Human Traffickers are not hanged to death. Is this Crime not rarest of rare! We called ourselves great nation with great civilisation and culture, but still not able to protect weakest of the society; the children and women from rape, murder, human trafficking, prostitution etc. Is still not right time to rise up by the concerned and morally bound citizens of India !

  22. Slavery for unpaid work and worst forms of rapes hurts all citizens of moral values. Law & order have become very lax in India as in most post independent countries of Asia & Africa, amidst growing standard of living. Although laws & punishments exist, law enforcers, and enacters connive to a mafia style syndicates. All profits. Those involved in this vile trade cannot be controlled easily because there are vested interests groups working for profits on human pains and degradations.

  23. This is real India …. Feeling so bad … illegal trafficking is the most top crime in India and unfortunately doesn’t look like that we can ever stop it fully …..

  24. We need solid and really tough laws and they all should be revamped. There is no constitution when such crimes happens. Why constitution cannot be amended? we are in 21st century and still following old laws of colonial time. British laws have changed, human rights need to be changed amended so such crimes do not happen again.

  25. next time you see an unemployed, uneducated youth roaming free during the day, try to think how he manages to survive without a job. I am serious!

  26. “As many as 22 children go missing every day from the roads of the capital. More than half are girls between 8 and 15 years.” Feku Ji are you not aware or is busy in hosting Americans. Where is Rajnath Singh Ji, and Delhi Police. Instead of harassing opposition parties please ensure the safety of Women & Children in Delhi.

  27. Is there an NGO helping her – can personal contribution/donation to help her accepted. How can individuals help?

  28. Police is the part of these crimes. They are paid by gangs and police look the other way. Only when someone ‘lucky’ to escape and come to police station then only few arrests are made but nothing happens to police.


  30. This is very tragic. My blood is boiling as I am writing this comment. There is no rule of law in this country, police, judiciary, law makers they all are sold. It is the poor section of our society who bear the brunt of this broken system most of the time. I have no hope as long as we are ruled by family dynasties or women snoopers.


  32. Oh my God.. You just showed me hell.
    Guys pls take care of your kids. Don’t leave them alone anywhere until they become adults & use their cell phone and could talk to us. Teach the girls martial arts, show them way to visit different places & come back home. May be let me know what other things we need to do to take care of our kids.

  33. These horror our women go through cannot be stopped until unless people learn behavior lessons from school. these guys only know money money money….

  34. Its not only sad but scary for any parents with children. The sadism of the people involved in such heinous acts is surreal. The scars on her body and soul will last a life time, God have mercy on her.

  35. I would say please shoot all those involved in this crime no words to speak and these people have no heart and does not deserve to live and they are evil minded ..
    Human trafficking is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and those involved in this crime should be given mass capital punishment and government should ensure this happens

  36. The law enforcing force in the country has one point program – KEEP THE POLITICAL BOSSES HAPPY !!. The police work in most of states as – goons working for their political bosses. The Netas, themselves are top class goondas. They join any party to be in position of power. They do not change any laws which will make them accountable for their acts. Legal system is reduced to mere farce. May be we are destined and moving towards total anarchy more sooner than later.

  37. Surreal. All of this selling , injecting, beating, raping and forced labour has been happening in front of our eyes, in our daily life, in the midst of us. Are we in 21st century or in dark ages? Are we civilised enough? If this is not slavery, barbaric, what is it?

  38. Very tragic and sad story .Those barbarians who kidnapped and snatched her childhood and mother from her must be sent to gallows . This vicious cycle of female infanticide leading to imbalanced male female ratio then afterwards these kidnappings and selling of little girls needs to be broken . The sad part is this happening in the capital of India . Shame on all MPs , bureaucrats ,top police and govt administrators .

    • you are right brother….the Hate Mongers have no interest in here….
      Talk about Cow… and they will rush in to comment and trolling….!!!

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