Telangana Girl, 14, Married To 51-Year-Old, Returns To School

  • Revathi, 14, was forcibly married to a man four times her age
  • The man lured Revathi's parents by promising to pay a 'bride price'
  • Revathi was rescued after she made a call to one of her school teachers

Telangana: In Telangana’s Nalgonda district, a 14-year-old girl was secretly married off to a man four times her age. After four months, she has managed to free herself from the captivity.

In October last year, Revathi (name changed), a student of Class 9, who lives in a government-run Kasturbha hostel for tribal girls, came to visit her family during the Dussehra holidays. The festival, however, failed to bring any cheer as she was forcibly married to 51-year-old Ravi Ramavath by her parents.

Mr Ramavath, who is a father of a married son and daughter, had reportedly promised to pay a ‘bride price’ to lure her parents.

After four months of living in captivity, Revathi managed to call up one of her school teachers and has now been rescued by the child welfare officials.

Revathi resumed her school and will be living in the girl’s hostel. Her parents and Mr Ramavath have been taken into police custody.

This is the fourth case of rescue from child marriage just in the first five weeks of the new year in this tribal belt of Devarakonda in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Child rights activist Achyutha Rao said, “So many cases are getting reported and we are unable to stop many such marriages. That is really worrying.”


  1. First of all good to know she is not Muslim, her parents are not Muslims, otherwise the media would take it to peak publicity and all Bhakt criticizing Muslims. Now there would be minimum comments and no out of proportionate exposure by media.

  2. I dont know… A man 51 year old, paying bride money and marrying a girl younger than his children’s age…. what are we? Are we animals in human form or are we worse?

    Parents giving away a yheir daughter… now where will such a girl live where parents have tried to wrong her….

    In India, more than poverty, The problem is in the Mind of the people and not finances. Does the democratic govt. has any role yo play. Can’t it arrest the 51 yr old man to marry a Minor. And put him in Jail for Life

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