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India Had 97 Million Underweight Children In 2016: Lancet Study

London:  India has the highest number of moderately and severely underweight children and adolescents in the world, according to a study which also found...

Time For India To Turn The Spotlight On Adolescent Health

In the list of health priorities, adolescent health lags far behind maternal and child health in India. It’s a dangerous oversight given that India...

Investment In Poor Children Saves More Lives: Unicef

New Delhi: Unless the world makes faster progress on reducing child mortality, almost 70 million children will die by 2030 before reaching their fifth birthday,...

Married At 11, Mother At 12. As Panchayat President Now, Women’s...

By Bhanupriya Rao/ IndiaSpend Padiganalam (Tamil Nadu): Married against her wishes at 11 to her dead sister's husband, Sidhamallamma Kanchappa gave birth to her first...
Hungry child

Hunger Early In Life Fuels Anger Later

Previous research has shown that childhood hunger contributes to a variety of other negative outcomes, including poor academic performance.

Low Protein Intake Causes Stunted Growth, Say Experts

The WHO estimates that there are more underweight children in India than in sub-Saharan Africa.