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The Lesser-Known ‘Depressive’ Side Of Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Around nine per cent people in Kerala, belonging to different age groups, are suffering from mental depression, according to a recent survey. Besides depression,...

How Depression Is Linked To Diabetes During Pregnancy

New York: Depression in early pregnancy more than doubles the risk of gestational diabetes, which, in turn, increases risk of postpartum depression six weeks...

In India, More Women Attempt Suicide Than Men, Say Experts

New Delhi: The number of women attempting suicide in the country is nearly thrice than men, while  people in the age-group of 15-30 are...

Depression Risk Spikes Right After A Stroke, Suggests Study

During the first three months after a stroke, survivors are about eight times more likely to experience depression than their peers who didn't experience...

Depression In HIV Patients May Up Heart Attack Risk, Shows Research

New York: Human immuno-deficiency virus-infected individuals already suffering from depression are at an increased risk of experiencing a heart attack than those without the...
Depression Recovery Cancer Tough

Just One Trusted Friend Can Help You Recover From Depression: Research

Having at least one trusted friend is helpful in recovering from depression.
Depression Lowers Your Chances Of Motherhood

Depression Lowers Your Chances Of Motherhood

The participants were asked to report their current depressive symptoms and psychotropic medication use, among many other factors.
Depression Recovery Cancer Tough

Depression Makes Recovery From Cancer Tough

The new study showed that one in five colorectal cancer patients are depressed at the time of diagnosis.
Depression Recovery Cancer Tough

Stress, Depression Linked To Cervical Cancer

Researchers examined a group of 333 women they began following in 2000. The women were about 19 years old on average when they enrolled in the study.
Depression May Compound The Risk Of Diabetes: Study

Depression May Compound The Risk Of Diabetes: Study

The researchers found that participants with depression, alone, were not at significantly greater risk of developing diabetes than those in the reference group.