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ICU Attacks Maharashtra Doctors Guns Strikes Health-Care Workers

After ICU Attacks, Maharashtra Doctors Want Guns At Work: Foreign Media

"We do not have adequate security, so we are saying we need to be armed," said Sagar Dilip Mundada, president of the group, whose members have been involved in 90 altercations since 2013.
These Images Shame Telangana Officers, Emergency Water Supplies Ordered

In Parched Telangana Villages, A Choice Between Water And Work

For the women in Deyyam Banda Thanda, the day begins much before sunrise. They have to finish cooking and household chores to be off by 6 am to fetch water.
Waist Size 'Strongly Predicts' Heart Disease Risk, Says Study

Waist Size ‘Strongly Predicts’ Heart Disease Risk, Says Study

A study involving people with diabetes has shown that belly size is a stronger predictor of a dangerous kind of heart disease than body mass index, researchers said on Saturday.
World's Obese Population Hits 641 Million, Global Study Finds

World’s Obese Population Hits 641 Million, Global Study Finds

More than 640 million people globally now weigh in as obese and the world has more overweight than underweight people, according to an analysis...
Breast Cancer

Genetic Tests May Not Reveal Clear Treatment Path For Breast Cancer

What sounds like a simple test can leave patients with frightening information but no clear options or guidance for treatment decisions.
Initiative To Train Underprivileged Women Launched

Teaching Girls That Menstruation Is Not Filthy

I have just finished a running trip through the coastal length of Maharashtra, starting from Sindhudurgh district at the southern tip and coming up...