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Tortured, Murdered Inside Prisons, Killings In Police Custody Go Unpunished: Human...

By Anuradha Nagaraj Chennai: Senthil Kumar's mother saw him being dragged off by policemen on charges of extortion. Standing outside the Vadamadurai police station in...

Why Millions Of Indian Women Secretly Undergo Abortions Every Year

By Charu Bahri In 2008, Arti Chauhan (name changed to protect identity), mother of a 12-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year old girl,...

New Breast Cancer Cases Could Double By 2030, Warns Global Study

Toronto: By 2030, the number of women diagnosed every year with breast cancer could almost double to 3.2 million and cervical cancer cases can...

Here’s Why Tuberculosis Deaths Have Doubled In India

By Shreya Shah India had double the number of estimated deaths by tuberculosis (TB) in 2015 - 480,000 deaths, up from 220,000 deaths in 2014...

India Ranked 143 Among 188 Countries In Global Health Study

New Delhi: A global study on a range of health indicators released on Thursday has ranked India 143rd among 188 countries, citing various challenges,...
UK Flags Up Violence Against Women In India

UK Flags Up Violence Against Women In India

The annual report goes on to list 30 countries as Britain's designated "Human Rights Priority Countries" where it can make a "real difference".
Gujarat: Only 21.74 Per Cent Water Left In 203 Dams

Drought Could Hit Rice Stocks At Exporters, Fuel Price Crisis: Analyst

That could push big buyers such as the Philippines and Indonesia to accumulate the grain, a staple food for nearly half of the world's population, similar to what happened in 2008.

Deaths From Diabetes Will Rise In India, Researchers Warn

It is estimated that by 2030, there will be more than 100 million patients living with diabetes in India.