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In This Drought-Hit Tamil Nadu Village, Only Women Left In Search...

Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu: As men migrate from drought-hit Tamil Nadu in search of work, it’s the village women who have taken charge of the...

Pics: India’s Daughters Fetching Water, Missing Opportunities

As the world observes Water Week from August 28 to September 2, millions of rural women and girls are losing time and opportunities by...
In Maharashtra's Beed, Crops Fail But Toil Continues

In Maharashtra’s Beed, Crops Fail But Toil Continues

Hundreds of farmers attribute their dying crops to the dried up Mehekari Dam located in Shirapur.

Gunmen Guard Water In Drought-hit Bundelkhand

In Madhya Pradesh's Tikamgarh, a city in the parched Bundelkhand region, men with guns guard precious water of the Jamuniya river at the Bari Ghat Dam.