1. Entire world is like that now. Not in just quarries, even in cream professions (like IT) when someone falls sick or becomes disabled on job, they are treated like broken buffaloes to be sent to butcher shops or Goshalas. I am a victim myself to corporate greed and malpractice in USA. I am 40 years old. Due to threats of job loss by employers, I became disabled (physically & mentally) by 2015 trying to meet deadlines. My right hand (tendonitis), my spine and my left leg (due to L5-S1 spine issue) are damaged. I was mercilessly terminated from my employment and now struggling here in Bay Area, CA, USA. Using technologies and savings, I am still surviving….

    I apologize to everybody for expressing anything inconvenient, incorrect and wrong due to limitations in my time, my understandings and this reply space. I am not a law-maker (politician), lawyer, police, judge, religious preacher, researcher, IT Slave Trader(IT Consulting Corporation), IT Slave Warden(IT Manager), JNU professor, UNO Expert, PETAnewala, IFS/IAS/IPS officer, defense strategist, diplomat, a Nobel-Prize winning professor, World bank/IMF executive, Interpol, business magnet, Star Celebrity, Sports Superman/woman, 5-star NGO or a media professional. I wholeheartedly felt it is my duty as a human being to write this reply based on my life’s experiences and research.

    Detailing the problem is the job of an objective media and thanks to NDTV for that. As common people (Jana Samanya) let us also analyze this endemic objectively and propose solutions logically so that India as a nation prospers like USA, SK, UK, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Singapore etc.

    Due to huge cost of procuring high-tech mining infrastructure and protective gear, many mines are operating like this at the expense of poor land-less miners. If only India could manufacture cheap mining equipment and protective gear would these people be dying of Silicosis. Indian Government has money to buy Cricket gear but not money to buy protective gear and train these miners to save their lives.

    How long will Indians be satisfied sending IT Gulams around the world? Though India got independence in 1947, it feels like Indian graduates and Indian post-graduates are still shackled in chains of slavery and worse even exported to other nations as High-Tech Gulams shamelessly taking pride as High tech upper caste/elite slave-traders & slave wardens. (Since last three millennia, Africans did the same to their own peoples of other tribes in slave trades.)

    To manufacture high-tech gadgets required for high-tech infrastructure, Since GST is through, hope Finance and Commerce ministries eliminate hindrances and comes up with schemes, rules, laws and regulations on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Manufacturing like USA, China, Germany, France, Taiwan, SK, Singapore, Japan etc. Make in India, Startup India etc. are still not enough to encourage middle-class Indian Entrepreneurs.

    Progress and Prosperity Always. Where there is no progress and prosperity there is no Peace or there is no Love. Hope India’s economic and Social modernization (including women empowerment) is fueled by Non-farming occupations (with a ban on mining as much as possible. Only timely exploitation of natural resources may be permitted). India’s biggest mistake since India’s Independence was striving to fuel growth by agriculture & mining (and their exports), roads, highways and seaports even after 70 years of Independence. This resulted in unorganized sectors of services with poor/illiterate/frustrated farmers & migrant workers in India (and even illegal Indian immigrants around the world) even after 70 years of India’s Independence. And 97% who do not pay taxes are deciding Indian Governments. Criminal activities and road accidents are also on rise in India and her neighborhood due to migrant populations (accidents, rapes (Nirbhaya), murders, mob vigilantism, terrorism and smuggling/human-trafficking on porous borders are all examples of this cancerous migration/illegal immigration).

    Personally I think majority of Indians and Asians swarm into Americas because of lack of opportunities. Japan closed the gap. South Korea almost closed the gap. China is fast closing that gap. Also I think “Skilled-Worker Slave trade” is not the only trade that exists even in 21st century. While Indians were wallowing in self-pride about their English speaking skills(“Communication Skills”) in Software field (IT Slave Trade), Chinese zoomed past into an era of Alibabas, Weibos, Xiaomi, Huawei, Comacs, J-15s, J-31s, manned Space missions, bullet trains, Lenovos, Spreadtrums, Didi Chuxing, Le Ecos, SMIC, Robots, Electric Cars, Lens Technologies, Hanergy Holdings, China Mobile, Wang Jianlin’s Commercial Properties etc. Almost all machinery, electronic gadgets and appliances are manufactured/assembled in China. I am not against China and I admire the smart & hard-working Chinese people. Every nation that fought with China went and invested in Hi-tech businesses/manufacturing in China(like USA, France, Japan, Taiwan, SK etc.)…Not Chappal business/Garment business like they do in India… For example, in the field of IC/Electronic manufacturing, foreign investments in China is much more than what any nation promised India. Also, I read Chinese government itself is investing more than 100 billion dollars into electronics/semiconductors field to support local and foreign investments. This year they are competing with USA in Artificial Intelligence investments…

    Education, Entrepreneurship, Electricity, Connectivity and social modernization (including Women’s empowerment) must be encouraged and facilitated especially in all poorer regions and poorer sections/communities of India. The poor must be encouraged to take up jobs or do businesses in Non-farming professions (with a delay or ban on mining as much as possible to protect their habitats/regions/cities/rivers/seas). Connectivity includes Modern Communication Systems like Satellite, Mobile phones, internet etc. besides print news media, roads, water-ways and railways. Education is not just being literate in English Language, marrying a foreigner or taking up a different religion but an overall Education aimed at building one’s own character, families, communities, cities/towns/villages and if given a chance the entire nation.

    For further research, let us beg together all privileged (political leaders(in position, opposition), business magnets, pundits/mullahs/fatheries, star celebrities, sports supermen/women, Padma stars) to travel around India and elsewhere around the world. Let us wish they not only enjoy their trips, take pictures/videos, opening bank accounts, teaching/learning/blaming religions and “experience foods, nature, imaraten/buildings/towers, shopping foreign mall, finding/giving/getting spouses, honey-moon, enjoying music, wine, dance, night-life, and cultures” but also advise/teach their fellow human-beings their experiences/wisdom (old & new) for progress, peace, harmony and prosperity of not only entire world but also of India. (Given a chance, like you, they are also keen, highly adaptive and always refine themselves!)

    I apologize if I said anything inconvenient. Majority of people in this world reason though they may be afraid to express themselves in public. The modern India(world) is faced with many grave challenges like poverty, malnutrition, pollution, corruption, dirty politics, extortions, mental diseases, riots, rapes, suicides, parasitic economies, prostitutes/concubines & their cuckolding, religiously-enforced-no-choice pregnancies, teen-pregnancies/marriages, divorces, gender inequalities(including LGBT), misguided proselytizations/religious terrorism, human-trafficking, visa slavery, adverse climate changes and Global warming. Let us all humbly meditate and introspect

    “Do we, even now in 21st century, fight amongst ourselves and make children(especially girls) of Mother India cry or we now vow to, at least, wipe their tears properly with shame and dignity, let alone keep swearing again and again that we are gonna strive to protect them and make their lives better only if we have lots of funds?”


    Once again, please kindly forgive me if I said anything incorrect and wrong or hurt anyone’s feelings! I am not an expert or respected but unfortunately only a common Indian citizen (begging for Justice & Unity not for money). Also due to time constraints, please kindly forgive my Indlish mistakes too! I will correct my Indlish mistakes as time permits!

    Satyameva Jayathe!
    Kal Gandikota
    Note: I am not paid to reply and not seeking favors. I made this reply so I get replies from fellow viewers to educate myself. I am not affiliated with any political party, religion, caste, race, tribe, sect, last name, pincode, media, NGO, dress habits, food habits, business or any Government institution. Hence, if anyone uses this reply for making their decisions, I am not responsible for any failures incurred. Before my voice is suppressed like it happened several times in India and USA, copy to
    1. All Political Parties of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the world
    2. Tribes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the world
    3. NGOs(including religious missionaries) of the world
    4. News media of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the world
    6. Translators of all languages of the universe
    7. All sapient beings of the universe
    8. All sentient beings of the universe


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