Why This Couple Decided To Adopt A Daughter With Down’s Syndrome

Kavita Baluni has worked as pre-school teacher and HR recruiter. Her husband Himanshu Kaktwan is an IT Professional. They are from Uttarakhand.

Having a biological child was never on her mind, but giving home to one always was. At 27, Kavita Baluni became mother to a beautiful 14-month-old daughter she named Veda.

Veda suffers from Down’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder in which the intellectual ability and development is delayed.  “It was a conscious decision taken by me and my husband to adopt a daughter with Down’s Syndrome,” she said.

Ms Baluni and her husband Himanshu Kaktwan believe that there’s no difference between biological and adopted children. “Children are just children who need love, and instead of having a biological one, why not opt for those who really need a family,” said Ms Baluni.

The journey of Veda finding a home and the couple finding their daughter is no less than a tale of serendipity. On one side of the globe, Veda was abandoned at a railway platform in India when she was just six months old, and on the other side in the United States of America, Ms Baluni and Mr Kaktwan had decided to come back to India and adopt a girl with Down’s Syndrome.

“We saw some children with Down’s Syndrome during our two-year stay in the USA. We gathered information about it and couldn’t find any single reason why not to adopt one. We were sure we wanted to adopt a girl with Down’s syndrome,” said Ms Baluni.

Once the couple made the resolve, they headed back to India and signed up at the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), the nodal body for adoption of Indian children. Talking about their smooth adoption journey, they said that there is no waiting period to adopt children with special needs and Veda was in their home within 45 days of registration.

For the soon-to-be parents, it was love at first sight. “We found Veda in the disability section. She was 14 months old then. A first look at her and we had considered her as our baby,” the couple said. They finished the registration formalities in Bhopal where she was and waited in anticipation to bring her home.

The next important task, however, was to break this news to their families. Like most parents in India, there was hesitance and resistance. “Unfortunately, adoption is considered in India only when a couple is not able to produce biological children. They told us that it would be difficult with such a child, she would not be able to support us as we grow old,” recalled the couple.

“We did what we thought was right rather than convincing them. Hopefully, they will accept and understand it eventually,” said a firm Ms Baluni.

Adopting a baby is no less than having a biological one, it takes lot of paperwork, waiting time and excitement, Ms Baluni said, adding, “I would like to suggest the parents who are considering adoption to not be too precise about the baby and keep the expectations realistic.”

The reaction from the people around was not at all encouraging. “We were told that we are taking a risk… “these kids” just bring complications. But we are mostly not concerned about how society takes it so their response really doesn’t matter,” they added.

The couple believes that the society is still ignorant towards children with special needs and they are fully aware that Veda will have development delays and would need regular medical care. “Instead of focusing on fears, we are working on her strengths and skills as per her capability.”

Mr Kaktwan is an unconventional father who doesn’t believe that a child should inherit only father’s name. “As she belongs to both of us, so she has both of our surnames. Our daughter’s name is Veda Baluni Kaktwan,” said the proud father.

Four months into their house, their bundle of joy has filled their home with love and happiness. Ms Baluni notes that Veda is a cheerful baby and can make anyone smile. With her around, there’s no dull moment in the house. “We have learned unconditional love and acceptance from her,” she added.

Though there are special concerns that they need be mindful of. “She has low muscle tone and ligamentous laxity, we have to tell everyone to avoid lifting her by arms,” says the concerned mother who Veda called ‘mumma’ only a month back.

“It feels so great that she trusts me and gave me that right to be her mother.”


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  6. God bless you all for a long and joyful life ahead. And let more such bundles of joy get similar loving parents.

  7. Couple are God personified. We whole heartedly pray God to Bless the family for all that Real Love. Stay blessed.Wish you the very best in life journey.🙏

  8. Just brought tears in my eyes, I have a special child in my house,my sister.

    Just salute your good deed,God bless you with good health and happiness

  9. I don’t know whether they believe in God. But for me they are the greatest spiritual people in this planet….Love

  10. Great couple!!!
    Salute to both of you… I am really touched… You are an inspiration to other couples… May God bless you with happiness always… Veda is truly an angel….

    • Kavita , it’s a very noble stepyou have taken… I salute the spirit… Do keep the spirit up by self motivation as the road ahead is tough and chances of feeling frustrated and cursing yourself for the decision are likely in future. If at all such instances come seek help and think of the passion at the time of adoption, that shall give you strength… God bless you

  11. I have no words to express my heartfelt gratitude to both of you for adopting a beautiful baby. Truly she is blessed and I humbly bow down to both of you for the courage shown. I pray that God will bless and take care all three of you.

  12. Never I can do the same…. it needs a lot of courage….. Huge congratulations…
    Don’t know what else to say… you made me realize how small my heart is…..
    may you have all the choicest blessings…

  13. Dear Kavita and Himanshu,

    This is such an amazing and inspiring decision of your life that leaves an indelible impression upon if not millions but I am sure a big number of generous souls. Adopting this li’l beautiful munchkin will not only fill your lives with love and happiness but countless blessings too. This is indeed the sweetest thing I have come across in my life… and truly inspiring. God Bless you both and the most gorgeous little girl Veda. Lots of love to her !!!

  14. Yes, a child is a child whether they are with special needs or not. She looks cute & I envy Veda that she has got parents with a golden heart better than her biological parents. I think it’s her destiny that bought her to your arms. There’s no guarantee that biological children’s will loves us the way we love them as I had often seen the opposite. I am sure that in long run, she will catchup & become normal. Both of your large heart is godly. May God bless you all & look forward to Veda growing up into elegant women. Wish you all a long & blissful happy life.

  15. A great decision. Only shows that the parents have a big heart., besides courage to adopt a Special Child. Congratulations to them.

  16. All are born with decease called age. Did what others could’t. Both of you and your beloved kid are very close to GOD. GOD bless You.

  17. What a great couple! They have enhanced the standards of humanity. The last line on ‘trust’ speaks volumes about what it takes for any relationship to survive. Best wishes to them. They have set a great example in a world where millions of children are victims of human intolerance. Thank you for highlighting that Every Life should count!

  18. Dear Human Beings,
    I have only few words about you guys. You are real characters and role models for our indian society. I hope this will bring more people to come out in support. We need to change a conservative approach. Good luck and God bless your daughter.

  19. you have taken a very courageous decision and unconditional responsibility.May god bless you all and bring more and more smiles on your faces through Veda.Lots of love to her.

  20. What great people. The world would be so much better a place if more people adopted this thought. Kudos to you guys.

  21. Very few people think this way. I believe there is God, and is in people like you, not in statues or pictures. Please take care of Veda. You are the most happiest family on this earth, I pray God for your family.

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