Under SHE Teams’ Watch, Crime Graph Against Women Dips In Hyderabad

SHE Teams were launched with the aim of curbing eve teasing and street harassment in the city.

Hyderabad: There is an overall reduction of around 20 per cent in offences against women in Hyderabad. The strict vigil kept by ‘SHE Teams’ which were set up in 2014 to keep a watch on those harassing women has been one of the prime reasons for this dip.

Till September this year, a total of 1,296 cases of teasing and harassment among others were booked as compared to 1521 in September last year. Till September 2014, a total of 1606 such cases were registered.

‘SHE Teams’ were launched on October 24, 2014 in Hyderabad with the sole objective of curbing eve teasing and street harassment in the city.

“Since the launch, the teams have worked hard to achieve this aim and will continue to strive towards making Hyderabad a safe place for women,” a senior official of Hyderabad Police said.

SHE teams use latest technology to track the offenders.

“There is a drastic reduction of harassment against women in the public places and a deterrence has been created among the boys as there is a sense of fear that the ‘SHE Teams’ are watching. The offences against women in Hyderabad have reduced by around 20 per cent,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes and SIT) Swathi Lakra said.

She said till now a total of 800 persons were caught by the teams while on patrol that included 222 minors and 577 adults. Apart from registering 1897 petty cases, 40 Nirbhaya Act cases, 33 IPC and IT Act cases in different police stations were registered. As many as 41 persons were jailed, 242 persons were fined, 392 persons were warned and let off, she said.

Offenders who harass women through phone calls, emails, social media are tracked down by dedicated officers using the latest technology, Ms Lakra explained.

Till now, a total of 2362 complaints were received through various means and attended to which included 1,217 complaints from Dial 100, 322 from Facebook, 183 from email, 421 direct complaints, 44 Hawk eye (Mobile Application) and 175 WhatsApp complaints.

The offenders included 23 per cent minors while 41 per cent constituted in the age group of 18-20 years, 21-40 years-35 per cent, 41-55 years-0.67 per cent and above 55 years at 0.33 per cent.


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